Undergraduate Advising

Advising in the School of Education is split between Faculty Advising and Academic Advising:

  • Faculty Advising - You are assigned a faculty advisor based on the undergraduate program of matriculation. Contact your faculty advisor about specific program requirements, academic decision-making and planning, support, and connections to campus resources.
  • Academic Advising - Academic advisors are professional staff in the Office of Academic and Student Services who can assist you navigate the registration process, School of Education programs, policies, the Intra-University Transfer process, rules and regulations, grades, transfer credits and requirements for graduation.   It is best to maintain contact with them at least once per academic year.

The School of Education Office of Academic and Student Services will help you:

  • Address your concerns and needs
  • Understand academic requirements and maintain your student record
  • Negotiate academic polices and processes
  • Serve as a center for student advocacy
  • Assist you with registration, academic decision making, and college-life issues
  • Determine if you are ‘on track’ to graduate in your program
  • Assist you if you want to explore other programs on campus
  • Explain secondary or dual major options or SOE minors
  • Administer the Child Health & Life Safety Exam
  • Provide career services upon graduation
  • Provide credential file maintenance and coordinate certification for eligible students including fingerprinting, if you are in a teacher preparation program.
  • Assist you to understand School of Education program for Intra-University Transfer
  • Provide important information to you via the AcadServ e-mail.

Additional services available to undergraduate students include the following:

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