If I student teach in NYC, where will I live?
The School of Education arranges housing for all of our students who student-teach in NYC. The past few years, housing has been arranged at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan. All students who are accepted to student teaching in NYC are expected to live in the university-arranged housing – not with family or friends who might live in the area. Part of the strength of the program is living in a community with other SU student teachers and experiencing the city together.

Where will I student teach?
In the inclusive elementary and special education program, there are two seven-week student teaching placements. The placement office makes the arrangements for both the special education and general elementary student teaching placements in NYC. SOE has partnerships with a number of elementary schools around NYC, including Community Roots School, PS 212: Midtown West, and PS 363: The Neighborhood School. Both of these schools have SOE alumni working there. We place at least 2 student teachers at each school at a time, allowing for students to travel to and from the schools in groups.

Are there additional personal costs to student teaching in NYC?
Students who are accepted to student teach in NYC will meet with a financial aid advisor. Financial aid takes in account the cost of living and the academic program in NYC in figuring out individual financial aid packages. Students receiving financial aid, in general, have similar financial obligations they would if they were on campus. Students who do not receive financial aid are responsible for the total costs, like they would be in they were on campus. All students in NYC are responsible for paying for their own transportation to and from school each day.

Who will be my field supervisor?
Just like in other parts of the inclusive program, student teachers in NYC are observed and provided feedback by SU supervisors. The supervisor will know the expectations of the program, provide feedback, and serve as a liaison with faculty at SU. Over the years supervisors have been retired educators, current doctoral students, or other educators connected to the SOE.

How will I attend the field seminar and the special education class that are a part of the student teaching experience if I am in NYC?
These SU courses are arranged to fit in the NYC student teaching schedule. Students in NYC participate in these courses from the Fisher Center in Manhattan, SU's academic home in NYC. SOE faculty will teach both student teachers on campus, and student teachers in NYC over a Skype audio and video telecommunications system. The special education class and seminar are held on the same night each week to make for ease of schedule. Part of the courses may also be held on campus in a concentrated fashion before student teaching begins or during a short break, like Columbus Day, to allow NYC students to attend.

How will I get to school to student teach?
Student teachers are responsible for getting from the SU arranged housing to their schools. Since at least 2 student teachers are placed at each school at the same time, SU student teachers go and come each day together. Most students use public transportation (subway, bus, etc.), but there are times when housing is close to one of the schools that SU students have chosen to walk.

Questions or want more information? Contact Tom Bull, Director of Field Relations.