About Schools of Promise


For over a decade, the SOP team has been working to create more inclusive schools for all. This effort was born out of a need to see exemplar schools where no students were segregated and all students (regardless of disability label) had full access to the general education classroom, curriculum and instruction.

Who we are

Schools of Promise (SOP) is a partnership between Syracuse University School of Education and local school districts that focuses on inclusive school reform. This three-year collaborative effort aims to enhance access and opportunity in elementary schools for students who have traditionally been unsuccessful: students with disabilities, students learning English, students of color, and students from low-income families.

SOP hinges on issues of belonging and community. Through the reform process, the SU faculty facilitators and partnered local school district work to ensure that structures, staffing plans, schedules, class placements, teaching teams, and daily instruction are designed to be inclusive of all students regardless of abilities in the general education setting. We recognize this to be a civil rights issue.  We believe all students should be educated alongside their general education peers and included in all aspects of contemporary schooling and thus our efforts are directed towards collaboratively cultivating such educational environments.

What we do

Led by a team of Syracuse University faculty members, SOP involves a three-year commitment between the University and a local school district. The planning process begins with a careful examination and strategic reconfiguration of existing resources. Working with teachers and administrators, the SU faculty facilitators aid in developing teams of specialists and general education teachers to collaboratively plan and deliver instruction to heterogeneous student groups (including students with significant disabilities, students with mild disabilities, students with emotional disabilities, students with autism… all students). To support these efforts, the entire school/district team receives professional development and support for the duration of the three-year partnership.