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Individuals who type to communicate are increasingly fetaured in the popular press. Look here for the latest radio and television interviews, magazine and newspaper articles related to communication and inclusion.

Henry Frost- I stand with Henry: Sign says "The Civil Rights act of 1964 granted equal rights to all people. I am a person. I want these rights."Article in the Huffington Post about Henry Frost's fight to attend his neighborhood public school.



graphic of Mark UtterMark Utter, a man who types to communicate is creating a film about his communication obstacles that challenges us to embrace our different ways of being human.


Chammi Rajapatiranai and his mother AnojaArticle about Chandima Rajapatiranai and his mother Anoja's work in SriLanka to get people communicating using facilitated communication. Chandima tells us: “Those of us in the disabled field say, ‘label jars not people.’


Wretches and Jabberers poster"Wretches and Jabberers," a film about the travels of disability rights advocates Tracy Thresher and Larry Bissonnette, who use FC to communicate, co-produced by Douglas Biklen, director of the ICI.

Burlington Free Press article
Newsweek’s Education site article, 01/16/2011.


Artson FamilyJacob Artson's communication journey, published in The Huffington Post, 1/12/2012


DJ SavareseDJ Savarese receives a scholarship awarded for high school students with inovative ideas, published at DesMoinesRegister.com, 10/13/2010.


Hesham KhaterHesham Khater in an interview for the Daily Orange, 'I Am Not Human To Them', talks about family, college and social relationships, 10/21/2008.


Amanda BaggsAmanda Bags' you tube video “My Language” gained national attention. Articles on WIRED Magazine, 02/25/2008, and The New York Times, 02/28/2008, discuss language, the concept of normalcy, social assumptions and autism.


Drawing of a sun surrounded by clouds blowing windRichard Attfield in an interview with Donna Williams on the American Chronicle explaining about FC, independence, relationships and advocacy, 07/02/2007.



Child on a swingInside the autistic mind inTime Magazine, Hanna's story of communication and academic success with FC is narrated. With her story social assumptions on autism are challenged, 05/07/2006.