ICI Practice Room

The ICI has two practice rooms with technology and seating for developing supported typing skills and practicing with facilitators. ICI training staff will be on hand to provide support and offer suggestions.

Starting in Spring 2018, the ICI has implemented the following fee structure for the practice rooms:

  • Every typer is eligible for up to 10 free one-hour sessions with their team.
  • After 10 free sessions, there will be a $20 fee for each subsequent session.

Practice Room Sessions could be used for:

  • Working toward independence
  • Developing skills with a new facilitator
  • Getting support on using facilitated communication for homework
  • Typing with an experienced facilitator
  • Learning new ways to practice
  • Practicing or chatting together with another typer
  • Trying out new or different technology

Expectations for the Practice Room Sessions:

  • The FC user and the facilitator will work together to develop and further their skills in typing/supportingskills.
  • We will establish a set of goals (both short term and longer term) for the user and facilitator.
  • We will establish a time frame (approximate number of sessions) during which the goals could be achieved.
  • There should be a consistent facilitator with the FC user.
  • Between practice room sessions, the FC user and facilitator should continue to work on their skills and come back ready to report on progress.
  • The facilitator/FC user should aim to further hone their skills by attending workshops/presentations. Participating in the Practice Room is not a replacement for a full evaluation or introductory workshop. Contact Dani for more information on those opportunities.

To reserve a slot: Please email sburke@syr.edu or ssrilata@syr.edu and give them the times you are available and they’ll get back to you once they check their s and the Practice Rooms availability. Please contact them at least 24 hours in advance of the day you wish to come.