Training Standards

Each link below is a downloadable PDF of the ICI's Training Standards.




The training standards development project was coordinated throughout by Marilyn Chadwick, and was supported in part through the funding of the Nancy Lurie Marks Foundation. This document was edited by Mayer Shevin and Marilyn Chadwick.

Several committees worked on the development of these standards. The chairs of these committees were Harvey Lavoy, Carolyn Nuyens, Julie Reese, Rita Rubin, and Mayer Shevin. Participants in these committees included Janine Avalos-Guncic, Douglas Biklen, Ed Bielecki, Patrizia Cadei, Don Cardinal, Pascal Crevedi-Cheng, Rosemary Crossley, Pat Edwards, Debbie Gilmer, Darlene Hanson, Stephanie Jasuta, Nancy Kalina, Alan Kurtz, Mary Lapos, Nancy Rice, and Janna Wood.

Many people provided helpful feedback on early drafts of this document, including Judy Barta, June Bascom, Jean Beisler, Char Brandl, Shelly Brown, Harriett James, Wendy Kaplan, Laurie Kruzshak, Sandra McClennan, Patty McKitterick, Susan Nettleton, Daniel Orlievsky, Tracy Prokop, Robert Recktenwald, and Ludo VandeKerckhove. A number of earlier standards and guidelines on best practices in facilitated communication were consulted in the preparation of this document.

They include:

  • American Speech-Language Hearing Association (1999). Guidelines for Speech-Language Pathologists Using Facilitated Communication (Draft.) Not published.
  • Facilitated Communication Institute (1997). Guidelines: Facilitated Communication and the Individual. FC Institute, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY.
  • Michigan Facilitated Communication Policy Group (1996). Model Policy on Facilitated Communication. Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service, Lansing, MI.
  • Sub-Committee on Facilitated Communication (1995). Implementation of Best Practice in Facilitated Communication Training... The Pennsylvania Perspective.
  • State of Vermont (1994). Facilitated Communication Training: Practice Guidelines.