Training Materials

The training materials provided here are not intended as a replacement for live training. Anyone interested in learning supported typing or how to become a facilitator needs training that includes both fundamentals of facilitation and hands-on practice opportunities. Visit the Training Opportunities link regularly for updated opportunities for training throughout the United States. However, these resources can be used to supplement your training and provide new and updated materials to use as you further refine your skills or support others as they work toward more open communication and greater independence.

Training Standards

Portfolio Assessment Guide

  • As facilitators and FC users build competency, it is important to document progress. The Portfolio Assessment Guide is an excellent tool for evaluating and monitoring that progress.

FC Training Videos

  • The Institute on Communication and Inclusion has produced a series of training videos related to the method. These films explore use of supported typing in different settings and with different age ranges.

Best Practices in Facilitated Communication

"Facilitated Communication Training" by Rosemary Crossley (book, 150 pages)

Practicing Message-Passing Skills

  • Message-passing is an important communication skill that is partof the individualized skill building required to develop communicative competence (Beukelman & Mirenda, 2005; Light,1989).