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Tyler Fihe

Name: Tyler Fihe
Age: 27
Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Typing since: 1992
Email: Tyler_Fihe@hotmail.com

Tyler Fihe has been typing since he was six years old and has been inclusive classroom environments for his entire academic career. Today, he continues on his educational journey at Catabrillo Junior College in Santa Cruz, CA.

Tyler has been living in his own townhouse for the past 6 years, which he shares with his housemate Kalae; who also happens to be the first man that has successfully been able to support Tyler’s communication. On living on his own, Tyler says, “ I have still a long way to go to making all my dreams come true, but this has really made a giant difference in my life”.

Tyler's refers to his trip with Kalae to Oahu, HI as “the highlight in [his] life”. He was excited to “experience both local and tourist spots with [his] own personal guide. Just being out in the world with a really cool guy was great”. While in Oahu, Tyler also got to speak to a group of students and teachers about his life and experience with FC, something he thoroughly enjoys.

Tyler has also been the leader of a support group for FC users at Parents Helping Parents Family Resource Center in San Jose, CA for many years. This group is typically composed of 8-10 teenage and young adult FC users who utilize the time together to talk with each other about thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Currently, the group is working together to plan a trip to Oahu “for...fun and maybe to educate other people about FC and how it has affected [their] lives”. As Tyler insists, “I’m always up for another wonderful adventure”.

Finally, Tyler devotes his spare time to writing his memoir, which has motivated him to reflect back on his childhood “and all of the things that have made [him] who [he] is today”. To those anxiously awaiting its release, Tyler says “get ready fans for a FC best seller soon to hit the bookstores in the coming year”!

Featured Contribution:
Understanding Facilitated Communication