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Echoes and Reflections Curriculum Workshop

March 06, 4-7 p.m.
Winnick Hillel, 102 Walnut Pl

Echoes and Reflections: interactive, multi-disciplinary curriculum that engages students with compelling video testimonies from survivors and other witnesses of the Holocaust.

Echoes and Reflections is a comprehensive Holocaust education program that delivers professional development and a rich array of resources for middle and high school teachers. Echoes and Reflections prepares educators to teach about the Holocaust in a way that stimulates engagement and critical thinking while providing opportunities for students to see the relevance of this complex history to their own lives. The curriculum addresses issues of diversity, prejudice, bigotry, and modern-day genocide and supports national standards in Social Studies, English/Language Arts and Media Literacy/Viewing, with multi-part age-appropriate lessons that include maps, photographs, primary source documents, journal entries, poems, and personal narratives.

Attendees will receive a FREE copy of the award-winning Echoes and Reflections resource and curriculum guide as well as a DVD with testimonials to be used in the classroom (over $100 value).

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