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Will Drew

Will Drew

Health and Exercise Science/ B.A Health and Exercise Science '09

Hometown: Jamesville, NY

Currently: New York, NY

What have you done since leaving Syracuse, and what are you doing now (personally and professionally)?
After leaving Syracuse, I moved to Washington, DC and went on to earn my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from The George Washington University. There, I was active in the Syracuse Alumni association and played on the alumni soccer team. Currently, I work in a private orthopedic physical therapy office in Manhattan.

When you tell prospective college students about Syracuse University, what do you tell them?
I tell them that the next several years will be a difficult journey with many opportunities for learning and growth. While Syracuse University provides a great education and fosters ambition, it also presents opportunities to build yourself as a person through community service, travel, and partnership. I tell their parents to be ready to see their child transform from a high school student into a more mature young adult. At Syracuse, the students are prepared to make an impact in our society immediately after graduation and often times before.

When you describe your time at Syracuse to friends, what do you say?
Boy, those were some fun years! I opted to go to a larger school (Syracuse) than some smaller schools with the hope that my experience would be more rich and diverse. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome! From the first day on campus to graduation, my time was filled with excitement. Whether it was playing or watching sports, camping, attending concerts, or working hard in the classroom, Syracuse made my time memorable.

What is the most important lesson you learned or piece of advice you received while at Syracuse?
While there is a time and place to have fun, it is also crucial to know when to block out the distractions and commit to hard work. When you learn to find a balance between work and life you set yourself up to be successful and not burn out. The real key is finding work that is fun and fulfilling.

Do you have any advice for current students or recent graduates?
Going the extra yard will make all the difference. Take advantage of the extra opportunities to get involved in your profession. Work hard and do the little tasks even when no one is watching. Lastly, utilize your mentors for all they are willing to offer. Whether it's a teacher, a counselor, or a more experienced student, don't hesitate to ask questions and let those who want the best for you share their wisdom.