Liberal Arts Core Courses

Secondary Spanish education majors must complete the Liberal Arts Core curriculum with these additional specific requirements:

  • WRT 205 Writing Studio 2 OR WRT 209 Writing Studio 2 (Honors) (3 credits)
  • One mathematics (MAT) course from Liberal Arts Core Quantitative Skills List (3 credits)
  • One approved history (HST) course (3 credits)
  • One social science course (other than history (HST) or psychology (PSY)) (3 credits)
  • One arts related course within Arts and Sciences (HOA or HOM, or other approved humanities course focusing on one or more of the arts) (3 credits)

If available, these may be courses taught in Spanish.

Spanish Content

Spanish Education students must complete the Spanish Language, Literature and Culture major as defined by the Languages, Literature and Linguistics Department. Twenty-four credits of the 27 required must be 300 level and above, with 12 of these at the 400 level. Spanish Education students must include the following courses (not required of other SPA majors) within their programs:

  • SPA 302 – Advanced Language Usage
  • SPA 321 – Introduction to Spanish Literature
  • SPA 322 – Introduction to Latin American Literature
  • SPA 435 –Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
  • SPA 436 –Structure of Spanish
  • SPA 4xx – course specifically on Latin America
  • SPA 4xx – course specifically on Spain

Professional Education Core Requirements

The professional sequence includes coursework, field experience and student teaching, and requirements other than coursework, described below.
The professional core requires:

  • EDU 204 Principles of Teaching and Learning in Inclusive Classrooms* (4 credits)
  • EDU 304 Study of Teaching* (4 credits)
  • EDU 310 American School* (3 credits)
  • RED 326 Literacy Across the Curriculum* (4 credits)
  • Workshops: Identifying/Reporting Child Abuse; Violence Prevention; Child Abduction Prevention; Highway Safety; Alcohol/Drug/Tobacco Prevention; Fire and Arson Prevention. 

* EDU 304 and RED 326 should be taken after EDU 204, no later than the first semester of junior year. EDU 204 may be taken as early as the second semester of first year. EDU 310 may be taken before, during, or after professional semesters. The semesters of registration listed are for students completing the program in four years. Others would adjust accordingly, with the candidacy and second professional semester as late in the program as possible.