Students, in the Music Education program, will combine studies in musical skills, an instrumental or vocal emphasis, music history, teaching theory and methods, and academic requirements in the liberal arts core.

Academic courses will be taken in each of the following areas:

  • Two writing courses
  • One multi-cultural humanities
  • One mathematics (MAT 117 or higher)
  • One natural science
  • Two social science courses in psychology and/or sociology
  • Foreign language, or if not needed due to completion of three years of high school language, students can take a liberal arts elective.

Education requirements for theory, methods, and classroom practice:

  • EDU 204: Teaching & Learning in the Inclusive Classroom
  • EDU 310: The American School
  • EDU 508: Student Teaching
  • MUE 115: Technology in Music Education
  • MUE 215: Foundations of Music Education
  • MUE 310: Field Experience in Music Education (2 Semesters)
  • MUE 325: Teaching String Instruments
  • MUE 321: Teaching of Voice in Schools
  • MUE 327: Teaching Woodwind Instruments I
  • MUE 328: Teaching Woodwind Instruments II
  • MUE 333: Music in the Elementary School
  • MUE 334: Methods & Materials in General Music
  • MUE 423: Teaching Percussion Instruments
  • MUE 435/437: Choral/Instrumental Rehearsal Techniques in Music Ed
  • MUE 518: Marching Band Techniques
  • RED 326: Reading Across the Curriculum
  • SED 340: Participation in the Professional Development School
  • SPE 412: Adapting Instruction for Diverse Student Needs