Liberal Arts Courses

Approved Courses to meet the: U.S. History, History II, Geography, Citizenship-Economics-and Government, Global Perspectives, Two Literature and Other Breadth Distribution Requirements

This list is for picking liberal arts distribution courses for the U.S. History; History II; Geography; Citizenship-Economics-and Government; Global Perspectives; Two Literature and Other Breadth Distribution Requirements for the undergraduate inclusive education programs. The requirements are part of the Liberal Arts Skills & Distribution block in DegreeWorks.

This list includes distribution (D) courses that may “double count” in your concentration (C). Look at your plan:

  • If a course has an ONLY a “D” next to it (to the left), you may choose any course from the appropriate section of this list.
  • If a course has a “DC” next to it, choose a course from the appropriate section of the list that ALSO will fit in your liberal arts concentration or major. E.g., for People, Places and Societies, or for a social science course for the Inclusive Early Childhood Special Education concentration, choose a course from the appropriate section with a smiley face in the PP&S column.
  • If a course has ONLY a “C” next to it (concentration course only), you do NOT have to choose a course from this list. However, you DO have to choose a course following the guidelines on your concentration checklist. Links to the four concentration checklists are also found below.
  • For “C” or “DC” courses - Based on the rules of your concentration or major,…do you need to take an “Upper Division” course? (E.g., HT&E and PP&S require at least 6 upper division courses.) Upper division are those numbered 300 level or above.

Important Notes:

  • When you register, be sure course numbers AND course titles match the list.
  • See course prerequisites on MySlice (part of the course detail). Selected Topics sections (ending in “00”) may not have prerequisites listed on MySlice, or might have prerequisites mentioned under “notes.”
  • Be prepared with some choices and alternatives at advising appointments. Your first choices may be closed!
  • If you need another blank checklist of any kind, or (sophomores, juniors and seniors) another copy of your plan, email Michelle Mondo with the details and she will email one to you. Remember, if you have made changes that were not discussed with Marie Sarno or another advisor, they may not be reflected in your plan.
  • The same course may be listed in more than one section of the distribution list. However, you may NOT sure the same course to meet two different distribution requirements.

Distribution course list: Fall 2018

Archived distribution course lists

Liberal Arts Concentration Checklists (Inclusive ELEMENTARY Only)

Use these as guides to selecting concentration courses that are not also double counting as distribution requirements. Students who are completing the Human Thought and Expression or the People, Places and Societies concentration will select these non-double counting courses using the guidelines on the bottom of the appropriate checklist.