As a student in the Art Education program, you will combine studies in art foundation skills, art studio, education methods, classroom practicums, and academic requirements from the liberal arts core. Your first semester course selection will consist of art foundation requirements, art studio courses, and writing. Here are some guidelines that pertain to the School of Education’s component of the Art Education program:

Education requirements for theory, methods, and classroom practice:

  • AED 215: Foundations and Philosophy of Art Education
  • AED 510: Special Problems in Art Education
  • EDU 204: Principles of Learning in the Inclusive Classroom
  • EDU 301: Methods & Practice in Teaching Art
  • EDU 302: Methods & Curriculum in Teaching Art
  • EDU 304: Study of Teaching
  • EDU 508: Student Teaching in Art
  • RED 326: Reading Across the Curriculum
  • SED 340: Participation in the Professional Development School

One academic course must be taken in each of the following areas:

  • Humanities (other than arts-related)
  • Mathematics (MAT 117 or higher)
  • Natural Science: Biology (BIO), Chemistry (CHE), Astronomy (AST), Earth Science (EAR), Physics (PHY), Geography (GEO 155 only), Science Teaching (SCI 104 or 105)
  • Social Science (other than history or psychology)
  • Foreign language, or if not needed due to completion of three years of high school language, take a liberal arts elective.