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Master of Arts in Media & Education

The Media & Education (M&E) Graduate Programs are a joint venture between the School of Education and the Newhouse School of Public Communications, combining faculty, resources and exceptional knowledge base of these two Syracuse University schools. These programs are the first and only program of their kind in the United States. Both a master’s degree (M.A.) described here and a 15 credit Certificate of Advanced Study (C.A.S) are offered.

All M&E Students Will...

  • Combine the craft and art of media storytelling, normally used for entertainment industry purposes, with goals of education.
  • Explore the frontiers surrounding visual storytelling and education.
  • Explore popular culture and media as an important terrain, which can be analyzed, shaped and employed for educational and social purposes.
  • Take an orientation toward media that will help develop an analysis of difference.
  • Learn how to provide a forum for multiple cultures and communities (such as education, NGOs, foundations and human service organizations) to tell their stories in ways meaningful to them and that serve their work.
  • Expand knowledge of and abilities in storytelling through practice and analysis.
  • Produce work with the assumption that the world, media, and education are multi-cultural, multi-racial and global.

The Media & Education M.A. program is an interdisciplinary academic program. Although those who are already certified as PreK-12 teachers may be among the applicants who wish to expand knowledge through these program, the program does not lead to teacher certification.

  • One calendar year (summer to summer), 36 credit, full time residency program through which students gain hands-on experience in a range of creative storytelling practices from conventional production techniques of film, television, radio and music industries, to the emerging digital media creation practices in online storytelling settings.
  • Study with a tightly-knit cohort. Students in the program will come from vastly different backgrounds, perspectives and talents, but share a passion and exciting curiosity for the convergence of imaginative possibilities between the fields of media and education.
  • Exploration through extensive practical and intellectual exercises ranging from:
    • scintillating research projects
    • multi-media creations
    • thought-provoking films
    • tough and honest conversations in colloquia
    • interdisciplinary investigations and experiments
  • A program for present and future media literacy educators, community college professors, or those with an interest in film including current K-12 teachers and media technology integrators--in short those who want to bring the art of visual storytelling to educational settings. For example, already certified teachers may consider adding this program to their credentials in order to do more documentary filmmaking with their pupils; or, they may want to increase their analysis of popular culture to examine the representation of different social groups in film or television or other forms of popular culture.
  • A curriculum and academic culture to foster leadership skills in graduates, some of whom will pursue further study and/or research in the field.

What can I do with a M&E MA Degree?

This program may prepare student for media related careers, or the enhancement of other types of careers with M&E skills and knowledge, such as

  • Already certified teachers interested in high school media production or media literacy programs in a district, or enhancing their classroom teaching.
  • Media literacy positions
  • Media directors for foundations,
  • Producers and directors of educational media for public television.
  • Enhancement of teaching in other settings:
    • Community colleges.
    • Youth development community programs
    • Youth media organizations
    • Potential positions with after-school programs, libraries, social service agencies and nonprofits.
    • Curriculum development positions in publishing, the cable industry, MTV University or public television.

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Program Contacts

Jeffery Mangram
School of Education Program Coordinator

Michael Schoonmaker
Newhouse School Program Coordinator

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