M.S. in Educational Leadership

Program Overview     

Note: This program is for International Applicants Only, and does not lead to New York State leadership certification. It is designed to serve those international students who aspire to leadership roles in elementary and secondary schools. Applicants should have experience teaching children or adolescents and working with adults at these levels.

This program is right for you if... 

  • You believe that educational leadership is exercised by teachers and other school professionals as well as administrators;
  • You appreciate the need to grapple with a variety of theoretical and policy perspectives;
  • You are ready to challenge yourself to identify and address the tensions inherent in different ways of understanding the purposes and processes of education;
  • You want a program that prepares you for leadership in both field and academic settings by integrating the insights afforded by each;
  • You want a program that cultivates a closer connection between the university and the field, through active involvement of field leaders who will work  with you in advisement instruction and assessment;
  • And you want to learn through intensive involvement  in a variety of forms of research, development, inquiry, and service in actual school settings.

Program Contact

Michelle Mondo

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