M.S. in Art Education

Graduate study in art education focuses on three emphases:

  • arts & design practices as a means for personal agency and social responsibility,
  • developing art & design curricula for teaching and learning in multiple contexts,
  • and interdisciplinary research promoting creative leadership and entrepreneurship. 

In addition to coursework, students are encouraged to actively participate in the local and national arts & design education communities in order to exchange ideas and cultivate their own professional development. 

Our graduate programs in art education are offered in conjunction with the University's College of Visual and Performing Arts. Master of Science (M.S.) degree programs are available for students with no education background seeking teacher certification (preparation program) or for students provisionally certified in art education who are seeking permanent certification or others not seeking certification (professional certification program). Doctoral programs in teaching and curriculum with a specialization in art education are also available.

As a master's degree candidate in art education, your studies will introduce you to exciting coursework intended both to exemplify and promote:

  • A genuine investment in the studio as a laboratory for ideas and innovation, the power of narrative and arts-based research.
  • A genuine investment in the formational, informational, and transformational properties of artmaking and design as a human social behavior.
  • A genuine investment in unconventional placements and partners.
  • A genuine investment in pluralistic, inclusive, and transdisciplinary arts education strategies helping to design a more humane habitat for the 21st century.

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