Leading Through Inquiry, Inclusion, and Action
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School of Education students and faculty

Recent Student Dissertations

  • Ashby, Christine (2008). 'Cast into a Cold Pool': Inclusion and access in middle school for students with labels of mental retardation and Autism.
  • MacDonald, Teresa (2007). Special education instruction for secondary students with learning disabilities: Current instructional practice and teacher preparation.
  • Rossetti, Zachary Stephen (2007). Learning to connect: Developmental disability and friendship in high school.
  • White, Julia M. (2007). Slovakia's litmus test: Policy, prejudice, and resistance in the schooling of Romani children.
  • Kim, Ji-Ryun (2006). The influence of different types of teacher preparation programs on preservice teachers' attitudes toward inclusion, their self-efficacy, and their instructional practices.
  • Morton, Mary Winston (2006). Silenced in the court: Facilitated communication and the meanings of disability research in the legal setting.
  • Smukler, David (2006). Uanticipated speech and autism.
  • Arndt, Katrina Lauren (2005). "They should know they have Usher syndrome around here": College students who are deafblind [Ph.D. dissertation].
  • Cory, Rebecca Claire (2005). Identity, support and disclosure: Issues facing university students with invisible disabilities [Ph.D. dissertation].
  • Broderick, Alicia A. (2004).'Recovery,' 'science,' and the politics of hope: A critical discourse analysis of applied behavior analysis for young children labeled with autism. [Ph.D. dissertation].
  • Harris, Perri Jacqueline (2003). "Mom will do it." The organization and implementation of friendship work for children with disabilities. [Ph.D. dissertation].
  • Smith, Valerie Marie (2003). "You have to learn who comes with the disability": University students' reflections on service learning experiences with peers labeled with disabilities. [Ph.D. dissertation].
  • Kasa-Hendrickson, Christi Rae (2002). Participation in the inclusive classroom: Creating success for non-verbal students with autism. [Ph.D. dissertation].
  • Rice, Nancy E. (2002). A 'textbook' case of professional prerogative: Authority, disability and policy in introductory special education textbooks. [Ph.D. dissertation].