The program consists of 30 credits.

  • EDA 712 - Leadership for Diverse Learners and Communities (Introductory Course)
  • EDA 722 - Curriculum and Instructional Leadership for Equity and Excellence
  • EDA 732 - Leadership for Adult Development
  • EDA 742 - Leadership for Literacy Development
  • EDA 752 - Leadership for Organizational and Institutional Development
  • EDA 762 - Leadership for Inclusive Schooling
  • EDA 772 - Issues and Practices in Building Leadership
  • EDA 782 - Issues and Practices in District Leadership
  • EDA 792 - Legal Basis of Education
  • EDA 899 - Internship in School and District Leadership

While each of these courses is required of all C.A.S. candidates, some courses offered by other departments in the School of Education may be substituted.

Once students have completed at least 15 credits, they may register for their administrative internship in any semester. An internship must:

  • Be a full-time assignment for a full semester or a half-time assignment for two semesters
  • Provide experience with various building and district functions
  • Allow students to exercise genuine leadership in important areas affecting teaching and learning.

Most candidates complete the program in three or four years. Those wishing to accelerate the time to completion may enroll in coursework during the summer. Most courses are offered in the summer, one year out of every three, but the program can be completed without any summer coursework.