James Wolfe

James Wolfe in classroomDegree(s):
B.A., Inclusive Elementary and Special Education, '07
M.S., Literacy Education (Birth-Grade 6), '08

Lyndonville, NY

New Orleans, LA

Reflections of SU

I value my SU experience because I think I had a very well rounded experience.  I was a member of the SU Marching Band, Sour Sitrus Society, and the Co-Ed Cheerleading Team.  It was great to have these experiences along with a quality educational experience.  I am still in touch with a number of the staff at the SOE and using many of the instructional strategies that I was taught in both programs.  I was very fortunate to find a teaching position right out of school.   I miss Syracuse University and hope to get back in order to see all the great changes that have been made since I graduated.

Since Graduation

Since then, I spent 3 years in Washington, DC, teaching special education for K-6 grades.  I was teaching in both inclusion and self-contained models.  I now live in New Orleans, LA.  This is my second year here and I absolutely love this city.  Reforming the broken education system is really a priority for this city and the people in it.  I have found a great neighborhood K-8 school, Crescent City Schools, Harriet Tubman Charter School.  I hope to be teaching here for many years.  I am a founding teacher of the K-1-2 Program.  It is a combination classroom with an afternoon kindergarten program mixed in.  I hope to eventually use my masters to become a director of instruction and work primarily with ELA teachers.