Kallie Mathis

Kallie MathisDegree(s):
M.S., English Education (Grades 7-12), '11
M.S., Literacy Education (Grades5-12), '11

West Leyden, NY

Fulton, NY

Reflections of SU

I value my SU experience because it provided me with so many opportunities to be out in the field and in the community, allowing me to explore the teaching profession. Between my field placements and my student teaching experiences, every semester was a new opportunity to be with students and work with veteran teachers as a way to learn about the profession and to decide if teaching was the right choice for me. My professors and advisors at SU were with me every step of the way, offering support and guidance as it was needed. Although the dual master’s degree was rigorous and hectic at times, I am 100% convinced that it was one of the best decisions I could have made. Having that extra certification made me more marketable and put me above other candidates who were applying. I also have a broad knowledge base that includes teaching elements of English Language Arts as well as Reading. Another advantageous part of the SU master’s program is that I graduated with strong knowledge of the Common Core State Standards, which has benefitted me in numerous ways at my current job. Lastly, throughout my time at SU, I met so many wonderful people who have helped shape me into the teacher that I am today. My placements, classes and student teaching experiences introduced me to a great number of brilliant and talented people; people with whom I have cultivated life-long friendships, and on whom I can rely in the future to assist me throughout my long and varied teaching career.

Since Graduation

Since then, I have held two different teaching positions. My first position was at Syracuse Academy of Science as a Title I English teacher. I was hired there a week after I graduated from SU. Because I didn’t feel like the position was a good fit for me and my career goals, I applied for a Reading Teacher position at Fulton Junior High School in Fulton, N.Y. and was hired in November of 2011. For the remainder of the school year I was split between two buildings – the junior high school and the high school – providing AIS English, reading and Regents Prep services to students ranging from seventh to eleventh grade. This year I was moved to full time at the junior high and I have a full schedule of reading and AIS classes. So far, the year has been going great!