Kate Mankowski

Kate MankowskiDegree(s):
B.A., Inclusive Elementary and Special Education,  '11
M.S., Literacy Education (Birth-Grade 6), '12

Orchard Park, NY

Raleigh, NC

Reflections of SU

I value my SU experience as it has provided me with the knowledge, skills, and tools I need to be successful in an ever-changing educational world.  Numerous practicum hours have given me hands-on experience in a variety of classrooms with real students, helping me develop my confidence in what I have learned.  The School of Education is not only a leader in preparing tomorrow’s teachers, but also a family standing behind you in all that you achieve.

Since Graduation

Since graduating in August, I have moved to Raleigh, NC to accept a 3rd grade position at Brassfield Elementary School.