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Literacy Education Courses

What will I study?

The master’s degree in Literacy Education for Birth through Grade 12 consists of a 30-credit course of study.  The program can be pursued full time over a year, in a fall-spring-summer sequence, or part time over several years. 

Required Courses

Course Number Course Name Credits Field Experience
RED 512 Children's and Adolescent Literacture 3 None
RED 613 Teaching Comprehension 3 None
RED 614 Reaching Twenty First Century Writers In and Out of School 3 25 hours
RED 615 Teaching Academic Writing 3 None
RED 616 Teaching Academic Language 3 None
RED 626 Early Intervention for Children's Reading Problems 3 None
ELL 645 Issues in Educating English Language Learners 3 None
RED 629 Data-Driven Early Literacy Intervention & Coaching 3 25 hours
RED 747 Literacy Clinic 6 50 hours


Required Seminars

To be eligible for this New York State teacher certification, students in the Literacy Education B-12 program must complete or have completed training in:

  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Child Abduction Prevention
  • Violence Prevention
  • Fire and Arson Prevention
  • Prevention of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Abuse
  • Highway Safety
  • Dignity for All Students

These requirements can be met through a 0-credit course offered through the School of Education. Students must pass an examination that tests the content of all seven modules prior to their first clinical experience.