The master’s degree in English Education is a 35-credit course of study designed to be pursued full-time over a year, in a summer-fall-spring sequence.

Required Courses

  • EDU 606, Understanding Learning and Teaching (30 hours of field experience)
  • ELL 645, Issues in Educating English Language Learners
  • RED 625, Literacy Across the Curriculum (30 hours of field experience)
  • RED 614, Teaching Twenty First Century Writers In and Out of School (25 hours of field experience)
  • SPE 612, Adapting Instruction for Diverse Student Needs (15 hours of field experience)
  • RED 512, Children’s and Adolescent Literature
  • SED 613, Methods and Curriculum in Teaching/English
  • SED 616, Assessment and Data Driven Instruction/English
  • EDU 508, Student Teaching (two full semesters of daily work in schools)