Hannah Dalton-Ameen

Hannah Dalton-AmeenDegree:
B.A., English Education, '11

Providence, RI

Reflections of SU

After classroom placements at Danforth Middle School, West Genesee High School, and Nottingham High School, I found walking into a classroom of 50 non-English speaking Thai teenagers to be a piece of cake.

Since Graduation

I have been living and teaching at a government high school in Saraburi, Thailand, a town about two hours north of Bangkok. I have had the opportunity to teach Thai eighth, ninth, and eleventh graders English conversation, grammar, and reading, as well as work with a variety of different Thai co-teachers. I have helped Thailand prepare for ASEAN by spearheading English classes focusing on English comprehension and conversational English with local government officials, doctors, and nurses. I have been a part of my school’s after school soccer program and have seen it grow and flourish, from starting out with only about ten boys to now, where we see well over forty. I have had the opportunity to travel throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia as well as China and Indonesia.