Shauna Covell

Shauna Covell with students

M.S., Literacy Education (Birth-Grade 6),  '08

Skaneateles, NY

Shanghai, China

Reflections of SU

Since arriving in Shanghai in 2010, I've taught pre-k, grade one and grade two. One of the critical components of being an effective early childhood teacher is teaching children how to read. This is especially important at my school because many of my students are learning English as an additional language. Syracuse University provided me the tools to do this. As I learned in one of my classes, teaching reading is rocket science! I never would have mastered it if I hadn’t gone to SU. And for that, I am truly grateful. Xie-xie (thank you) SU!

Since Graduation

Ni hao from China!  After graduating with a master’s degree in Literacy Education from Syracuse University in 2008, I moved south to be a K/1 looping teacher in Beaverdam, Virginia.  I happily taught there for two years before I took a position at Shanghai American School, and realized my dream of teaching and traveling the world.