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Meet Our Alumni

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Jodi Lynn Burnash
M.S., English Education  (Grades 7-12), '09
M.S., Inclusive Special Education, '09

Shauna Covell
M.S., Literacy Education (Birth-Grade 6), '08

Bryan Ripley Crandall
Ph.D., English Education, '12

Hannah Dalton-Ameen
B.A., English Education, '11

Michael Guigliano
B.A., English Education, '09
M.S., Literacy Education (Grades 5-12), '10

Jilian Jancuska
M.S., English Education  (Grades 7-12), '10

Kate Mankowski
B.A., Inclusive Elementary and Special Education, '11
M.S., Literacy Education (Birth-Grade 6), '12

Kallie Mathis
M.S., English Education (Grades 7-12), '11
M.S., Literacy Education (Grades 5-12), '11

Kristen Munger
Ph.D., Reading Education, '10

Stephanie Pachon
B.A., English Education, '11
M.S., Teaching English Language Learners, '12

Dana Reid
M.S., Literacy Education (Birth-Grade 6), '10

James Wolfe
B.A., Inclusive Elementary and Special Education, '07
M.S., Literacy Education (Birth-Grade 6), '08

Matthew B. Yu
B.A., English Education (Grades 7-12), '13