The bachelor of science (B.S.) degree in physical education meets the academic requirements for New York State initial certification, pre K to grade 12 and teacher certification in states with reciprocal agreements.  The New York Physical Education certification also qualifies teacher candidates to coach any sport in any school in the state of New York.  Contact with local elementary and secondary public schools begins in a student's first year with field experiences in city and suburban settings.  Students' professional education culminates with a senior-year teaching practicum during which student teachers develop several units of instruction and become involved with the school community.

First Semester Course Offerings:

  • WRT 105: Writing Studio I (3 credits)
  • MAT 121/221: Prob/Stat I (3 credits)
  • BIO 121: General Biology (4 credits)
  • PPE 177: Introduction to Health and Physical Education (3 credits)
  • EDU 100: First Year Forum (1 credit)
  • PED Activity elective (1 credit)

Second Semester Course Offerings:

  • EDU 204: Teaching and Learning in Inclusive Classrooms (4 credits)
  • PSY 205: Human Behavior (3 credits)
  • NSD 225: Nutrition in Health
  • PPE 385: Motor Behavior Across Lifespan (3 credits)
  • Arts and Science elective (3 credits)