Section I

Prerequisites for the majority of the courses in the Exercise Science minor are BIO 216/217 Anatomy & Physiology I & II.

The following courses are required (6 credits):

  • PPE 295    Introduction to Exercise Science
  • PPE 497    Physiology of Exercise

Section II

Three of the following courses are required (9 credits):
Course # Course Title
PPE 408 Analysis of Human Motion
PPE 483 Scientific Principles of Conditioning
PPE 514 Exercise and Aging
PPE 515 Graded Exercise Testing and Interpretation
PPE 517 Pathophysiology
PPE 518 Cardiac Rehabilitation
PPE 519 Metabolic Aspects of Physical Activity

PPE 500: Any 3 500-level or higher courses such as:

  • Exercise in the Cell
  • Obesity and Body Composition
  • Control of Ventilation in Exercise

Section III

One of the following courses is required* (3 credits):
Course # Course Title
PPE 385 Motor Behavior Across the Lifespan
PPE 486 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
HEA 485 Worksite Health Promotion

Total credits: 18

*Or any of the courses listed in Section II not already taken.