Applying for Coaching Certifcation

Anyone wishing to coach interscholastic athletic activities in New York State schools must apply for Coaching Certification. You can apply for a license after successful completion of your courses and other requirements through theTEACH Application Process.

Individuals with NYS Teacher Certification may apply directly after completing the necessary coursework and trainings. All others must apply for a Temporary Coaching License. After acquiring at least three Temporary Renewals, a Professional Coaching License may be acquired. A holder of a Professional Coaching License is considered on "equal footing" with certified teachers for coaching positions. The Physical Education program in the Department of Exercise Science at Syracuse University offers all coursework and trainings required for the New York State Temporary Coaching Certification.

Note: DASA (Dignity for All Students Act) training and a current and valid Red Cross Responding to Emergencies [or its equivalent] card is required at the time of application.

Fingerprinting and school district recommendation are also required for appointment to coaching positions.

Physical Education Majors:

In the State of New York, certified physical education teachers are automatically qualified to coach any sport grades 7-12. However it is highly encouraged to take additional coursework as part of professional development.

Teacher Education Majors:

Teachers who are not certified in the area of physical education are required to complete Theory & Techniques of Coaching and Health Sciences Applied to Coaching within 3 years of his/ her employment as a coach a the secondary level. Philosophy, Principles and Organization of Athletics in Education must be completed within the first 2 years of employment as a coach.

Other Majors:

All non-classroom teacher coaches (nurses, pupil personnel service staff, teaching assistants, community members, etc.) need to apply for a NYS Temporary Coaching License . Non-classroom teachers may only be appointed if there are no certified teachers available with experience and qualifications to coach the sport.