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Following are the courses required for a bachelor's degree in Health and Exercise Science at Syracuse University:

Freshman Year

First Semester Second Semester
PSY 205 Foundation Human Behavior Hum or Soc Sci. Elec
WRT 105 Writing Studio I HEA 332 Personal Health & Safety
BIO 121 General Biology BIO 123 General Biology & BIO 124 Lab
PPE 295 Intro. Exercise Science CRS 225 Public Speaking  OR
MAT 194 PreCalculus OR CRS 325 Presentational Speaking
MAT 285 Cal/Soc & Life Sci I* MAT 285 Cal/Soc& Life Sci I OR
  MAT 286 Cal/Soc & Life Sci II*

Sophomore Year

First Semester Second Semester
PPE 435 Intro. Sport Psychology Hum or Soc Sci. Elec
BIO 216 Anatomy & Physiology I BIO 217 Anatomy & Physiology II
MAT 221 Statistics PPE Elective
NSD 225 Nutrition in Health Elective
PPE 470 Experience Credit WRT 205 Writing Studio II

Junior Year

First Semester Second Semester
PSY 223 Bio. Psych. OR PPE 385 Motor Behavior
PSY 315 Drugs & Behavior OR PPE 486 Prevention & Care Athletic Injury
PSY 324 Dev. BioPsych. PPE 483 Sci. Princ. of Conditioning
HEA 485 Worksite Health Promotion WRT 307 Writing Studio
CHE 106 General Chemistry CHE 116 General Chemistry
CHE 107 General Chemistry Lab CHE 117 General Chemistry Lab
PPE 497 Physiology of Exercise  
HEA 338 Advanced First Aid/CPR  

Senior Year

First Semester Second Semester
A&S Elective PPE 5..
PPE 408 Analysis of Human Motion PPE 470 Experience Credit
PPE 5.. PPE 5..
A&S Elective Elective
PPE Elective Elective

Elective Recommendations:

  1. Coaching Minor
  2. Management Minor
  3. Pre-Med/Pre-PT Preparation
  4. Nutrition Minor

*Math placement will depend on student's background in math