Department News Archive

Spring 2015

Fellowships, grants, appointments, and awards

  • PhD student Laura Jaffee was appointed to the editorial board of the Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies.
  • Ashley Taylor was chosen as a National Center for Institutional Diversity Exemplary Diversity Scholar for her outstanding academic work. She was also awarded the All University Doctoral Prize for her dissertation "Beyond Able-Minded Citizenship: Embracing Intellectual Ability Differences in Democratic Education."
  • PhD candidate Hayley Cavino was awarded a pre-doctoral diversity fellowship at Ithaca College for 2015-2016.
  • Peter Gerlach was awarded the All University Doctoral Prize for his dissertation.
  • PhD candidate Derek R. Ford was appointed to the editorial boards of Critical Educationand Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies. He was also appointed series editor to the book series, Critical Constructions: Studies on Society and Education, published through Information Age Publishing.
  • PhD student Kim Williams was appointed Teaching Associate in the Women’s and Gender Studies Department for 2015-2016.
  • PhD student Jordan West was appointed to the Senior Vice President’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion at SU. She also joined the Participatory Education Express Yourself Workgroup as student co-chair. Finally, she was appointed as Chair of Inclusion and Diversity for the PAN African Network through the Commission for Multicultural Affairs and American College Personnel Association.



  • This year’s Conference on Equity and Social Justice saw several presentations from CFE students. Kelsey John presented “Indigenous perspectives of identity in higher education;” Laura Jaffee presented “Disabiling the native: Disability, settler colonialism, and humanitarianism;” Hugh Burnham’s paper was titled “Ongweñoweñhkha' Deñhse' neh Gayaneñ•hsä•'go•nah (Original Peoples' Ways and the Great Law of Peace): A Haudenosaunee view on social justice in education, conflict, and peace;”Derek Fordgave a paper titled “The right to what kind of city?: Education, internationalism, and the right to the city;” PhD student Jacob Bartholomew’s paper was called “I am racist!: Strategies for combating and resisting color-blind student narratives;” Dave Wolkenpresented his work “A critical pedagogy of the absurd: Rebellion, impotential, and social transformation.” And Mary Cannito-Coville presented on a panel, “Education, reform and the voices of students and teachers."

  • Several CFE-ers participated in the Philosophy of Education Society Conference in Memphis. PhD Candidate Sally Sayles-Hannon gave a paper, “Affective democratic friction: Restructuring intellectual authority;”PhD students Kelsey John, Dave Wolken, and Hugh Burnham presented a panel, “Speaking from relocated identities: A conversation on peace, collaboration, and critical hope in race pedagogy;” Derek Fordpresented his paper, “The air conditions of philosophy of education: Towards a microsphereology of the classroom;” Ashley Taylor presented “Educational equality through high expectations? The common core state standards and inclusion” and“Making disability (matter) in philosophy of education;” Barbara Applebaum gave a paper titled “Needing not to know: Ignorance, innocence, denials and discourse.”

  • PhD student Kim Williams gave several talks this semester. She presented at the Eastern Sociological Society conference and at the Phi Beta Delta gathering, and was the keynote speaker for the 2015 “Take Back the Night” event and the Office of Multicultural Affairs banquet, both at SU.

  • Jordan West presented “Black women in higher education: Research, narratives, and outcomes” at the American College Personnel Association National Conference.

  • CFE was also present at AERA this year. Professor Gretchen Lopez presented a paper, “Diverse benefits: The significance of learning from difference for college and high school students” co-authored with doctoral student Wendy Nastasi; Ashley Taylor presented “Epistemic injustice in educational research: Intellectual disability and epistemic agency;” Derek Ford presented, “Understanding the global neoliberal agenda through the United States’ involvement in Libya;” Dalia Rodriguez and Mary Cannito-Coville presented, “Under surveillance: The performance of Black masculinity among Black boys and college students.”

  • Ashley Taylor and PhD candidate Lauren Shallish presented “Account/ability for inclusion: Critical disability studies as a point of resistance” at the Disability Studies in Education Conference. They gave another version of that talk at the New York State Foundations of Education Association Conference, where Derek Ford presented his paper, “We have never been urban: Teacher education and architecture for the urban.”

Fall 2014

Fellowships, grants, awards, and appointments:

  • PhD student Dave Wolken was appointed Assistant Editor of The SoJo Journal: Educational Foundations and Social Justice Education.
  • The Center on Human Policy, an affiliate organization of CFE, was awarded a $2.3 million grant for the Community For All project. CFE faculty member Alan Foley is one of the principle investigators.
  • MS student Susan Schneider was awarded the Arthur L. Cohen Scholarship, funded by the Jefferson County Bar Association and representatives of the Arthur L. Cohen Fund ($11,250).
  • PhD candidate Sally Sayles-Hannon received the 2014 Dissertation Grant from the SU Chancellor's Office and Graduate School. She was also appointed to the editorial board of the 2015 Philosophy of Education Annual Conference.
  • PhD candidate Derek R. Ford won the 2014 AESA Taylor & Francis Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award. He was also appointed to the editorial board of The SoJo Journal.
  • PhD candidate Hayley Marama Cavino was appointed Visiting Professor at the Department of Educational Studies at Colgate University.


Conference presentations:

  • CFE was again well represented at this year's American Educational Studies Association Conference in Toronto. Dave Wolken presented two papers, "Liberal education in the university: Simulation, commodification, and commitment" and "Simulations and imposters: Dispelling the masked messages of corporate 'education reform.'" PhD student Mary Cannito-Coville, Professor Dalia Rodriguez, and Tremayne Robertson presented a panel titled, "You have the right to remain invisible: Reconceptualizing policing of Black masculinity in schools and communities." PhD student Kelsey John presented two papers, "Visualizing American ambition in the elite liberal arts: The past, present, and future of emulation, access, and demographics" and "Multiracial students and educational opportunity: Challenging traditional demographics." Prof. Barbara Applebaum, PhD student Bridget Lawson, and PhD candidate Meredith Madden presented a panel. Barbara's paper was titled, "The whiteness paradox in social justice education, Bridget'spaper was on "Cultural capital: The invisible barrier to students of color success in urban public schools. How acting white seems to be the only way to excel academically," and Meredith's paper was, "Colonial legacies in social justice teacher education programs: The case of Americorp's NYC teaching fellows program." PhD candidates Ashley Taylor and Jennifer Hackett presented "Minding the gap: The textually mediated experience of institutional accessibility." Ashley Taylor also presented her paper, "Assistive technology and the (neo)liberal citizen." PhD candidate Jermaine Soto presented "The Latino facilitator of dialogues on race: A tale of emotional labor (not) lost." Derek Ford presented two papers, "Contesting the educational commons" and "Educational atmospheres: The politics and pedagogy of school air conditioning."
  • PhD student Jermaine Soto presented "Critical race theory in the dialogic space: Testimony in practice" at the Critical Race Theory in Education Conference at Vanderbil University Law School.
  • Derek Ford presented his paper, "The pneumatic common: Learning in, with, and from the air" at the Ohio Valley Philosophy of Education Society Conference.
  • PhD student Jordan West was the Dialogue Group Facilitator at the Institute on Social Justice.
  • PhD candidate Hayley Marama Cavino presented on two panels at the National Women's Studies Association annual conference. The panels were: "Transnational challenges to global empire: Cultivating ethical feminist praxis" and "Democratizing knowledge, collaborative scholarship, and anti-colonial struggles."

Spring 2014

Fellowships, grants, awards, and certificates earned:

  • Two CFE students have won prestigious fellowships. PhD student Kelsey John is the recipient of a National Science Foundation Fellowship, and PhD candidate Ashley Taylor has won the National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellowship.
  • PhD candidate Wendy Nastasi was awarded the Outstanding Teaching Assistant award by the Graduate school.
  • PhD student Blair Smith (with Dr. Marcelle Haddix and Reba Hodge) was awarded the 2013 Joan N. Burstyn Endowed Fund for Collaborative Research for their proposal, "Dark girls: Re-writing and re-imagining representations of Black girlhood." CFE-ers Lauren Shallish, Steve Singer, and Ashley Taylor were also awarded the grant for their proposal, "Minding the gap: The textually mediated experience of institutional accessibility."
  • Dr. Gretchen Lopez won a new grant from the American Association of Colleges & Universities Bringing Theory to Practice project on civic engagement and student well being.
  • MS student Paul Ang has been awarded the YWCA's Academy of Diversity Achievers Award from the YWCA of Syracuse and Onondaga County.
  • Nicole Nguyen won the All-University Doctoral Prize for her dissertation.
  • Mary Canito-Coville, Jermaine Soto, Wendy Nastasi, and Derek R. Ford were awarded the Certificate of University Teaching from the Future Professoriate Program.


  • PhD student Dave Wolken published a review in Educational Review of Dangerous counterstories in the corporate academy: Narrating for understanding, solidarity, resistance, and community in the age of neoliberalism, by Emily Daniels and Brad Porfilio.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Payne and PhD candidate Melissa Smith published an article, "The big freak out: Educator fear in response to the presence of transgender elementary school students" in the Journal of Homosexuality.
  • Heidi Pitzer, a PhD candidate, published a chapter titled "The authority of experience, deficit discourse, and Teach for America: The risks for urban education," in Learning teaching from experience: Multiple perspectives, international contexts, edited by V. Ellis & J. Orchard.
  • Derek R. Ford published a review of Gert J.J. Biesta's new book, The Beautiful Risk of Education, in Educational Philosophy and Theory.
  • Dr. Gretchen Lopez published her co-edited book on Intergroup Dialogue through Routledge.


  • Dr. Barbara Applebaum is the president-elect for the 2016 Philosophy of Education Society Annual Conference, and PhD student Derek R. Ford was appointed to the editorial board of Policy Futures in Education.

Conference presentations:

  • Heidi Pitzer presented her paper, "Neoliberal constructions of time: Considering constraints on urban teachers' work" at this year's New York State Foundations of Education Association meeting.
  • Mike Fraser, a first-year PhD student, presented his paper, "Bueller? Bueller? The teacher in American film 1985-1995" at the Popular Culture Association & American Culture Association National Conference.
  • PhD student Blair Smith presented her paper, "Black girls, beats, and digital literacy" at Black Girl Project 2013. She shared her "Black Queer Feminist Beats" at the Hip Hop and Punk Feminism Symposium.
  • Several CFE students and faculty presented at this year's American Educational Research Association conference. Heidi Pitzer's presentation was titled, "Teachers blaming 'other teachers': Considering neoliberal constraints in urban education." She was also nominated to be the treasurer of the Teachers' Work/Teachers Unions SIG. Prof.Gretchen Lopez and Wendy Nastasi presented "Exploring authentic higher education-high school collaboration: toward thick democracy." Jermaine Soto participated in the Critical Educators for Social Justice Graduate Forum. Elizabeth Payne was part of several presentations, including "Bound by bullying," "LGBTQ kids, school safety, and missing the big picture," "LGBTQ students representing otherness through visual art" and, withMelissa Smith, "Binaries, bathrooms, and biology."
  • Jermaine Soto presented as part of the SUNY Cortland Black History Month Seminars. His talk was titled, "Engaging race within the dialogic space: Emotional labor (not) lost." He also presented on a panel, "Civil rights, human rights, and inclusion: Finding common ground" for the Leaders for Democracy Fellows program at SU.
  • PhD student Steve Singer presented at the Eastern Sociological Society meeting in Baltimore, MD. His paper was titled, "Finding strategies and technologies to facilitate cooperative learning in groups with Deaf/hard of hearing and hearing students."
  • Kelsey John, a first-year PhD student presented "Modern day freak shows: An intersectional analysis of Native American imagery" at the Critical Juncture Conference at Emory University.
  • CFE faculty and students participated in and helped organize this year's Conference on Equity and Social Justice, which was hosted by SU's School of Education. PhD studentKatherine Vroman's paper was titled "Mapping the disability diaspora;" Steve Singer andMicah Fialka-Feldman presented "The privileging of academic language: Questioning the status quo;" Tiffany Curtis and Kimberly Williams presented "Embodied politics: Women and the assemblage identites;" Dave Wolken presented, "Resisting the neoliberal university: A place for chaos and neo-existentialism?;" Barbara Applebaumpresented, "Listening to anger as an outlaw emotion;" Derek R. Ford presented, "Cool kids: School and the politics of air conditoining;" Kelsey John presented, "Positionality and racial politics of bi- and multi-racial students." Wendy Nastasi presented "Dialogue, Democratic Engagement & Social Justice Education."
  • There was a CFE contingent at this year's Philosophy of Education Society Conference.Barbara Applebaum presented her paper, "Listening to anger as an outlaw emotion," to which PhD candidate Sally Sayles-Hannon responded. PhD candidate Ashley Taylorpresented a paper titled, "Non-cognitive skills, dispositions, and able-bodied norms." PhD student Derek R. Ford oragnized and participated in a book symposium, delivering his paper "Bartleby breathes: Notes on the conditions of study."
  • Dr. Elizabeth Payne Payne delivered a talk at the U.S. Department of Education, “Re-think bullying: The limits of “safe space” and character education programs in creating affirming school environments for LGBTQ students.” She also testified by invitation at the New York City Council, Committee on EducationOversight Hearing on The Treatment of LGBT students, family and staff in the NYC public school system.


Fall 2013

CFE had a strong showing at this year's American Educational Studies Association conference in Baltimore. PhD student Katherine Vroman presented her paper, "The new sociology of childhood and disability: A transformative framework." PhD student Steve Singer's presentation was titled, "The portrayal of Deaf people in film and television and its potential effect on the successful transition of Deaf adolescents into adult life." Prof. Sari Biklen presented her paper, "Memory, nostalgia and urban schooling: The reproduction of the deficit discourse." PhD studentsMary Cannito-Coville, Dave Wolken, Derek R. Ford, and prof. Barbara Applebaum formed a panel titled, "Tension, discomfort, and a pedagogy of unknowing." Prof. Elizabeth Payne and PhD candidate Melissa Smith presented two papers: "What if the community finds out?": School administrator resistance to LGBT training and research" and "Bullying, safety, and missing the big picture: The bullying discourse and school professionals' thinking about LGBTQ student marginalization." PhD candidate Ashley Taylor presented two papers: "Democratic education as a space of cognitive diversity" and, with PhD candidate Lauren Shallish, "Disabling structures: Interrogating the democratic promise of liberalism in higher education." Melissa Smith and PhD candidate Nicole Nguyen both won AESA Graduate Research Awards.

PhD students Dave Wolken and Derek R. Ford presented at this year's Critical Theories in the 21st Century conference at West Chester University. Dave's paper was titled, "Pedagogical perplexity, ontological suspension, and the chaotic university: Subverting reductionistic instrumentalism through negative capability," and Derek's paper was titled, "The built-environment of education and imperialism: The geographic contradictions of (fixed) capital and critical pedagogy."

PhD candidate Heidi Pitzer presented at the National Association for Multicultural Education conference in Oakland in November. Her paper was titled, "Lessons learned from graduates of a cultural contexts course."

MS student Paul Ang created and facilitated a program for first year men at Cazenovia Community College titled "Men, masculinity, and violence prevention" on Oct. 30.

Valere Martinez presented at the 6th Annual UNM Mentoring Conference in Albuquerque. Her presentation, "fullCIRCLE mentoring; a vehicle for developmental relationships at Syracuse University" was also published in the conference proceedings.

PhD candidate Ashley Taylor published her article, "'Lives worth living:' Theorizing moral status and expressions of human life" in Disability Studies Quarterly.

PhD student Derek. R. Ford had two publications this semester. His article, "Butler goes to work: A political economy of the subject" was published in borderlands e-journal; and he published areview essay on Tyson E. Lewis' book, On study: Giorgio Agamben and educational potentialityin Studies in Philosophy and Education. Lewis' response can be read here.

Prof. Mario Perez presented his paper, "Schools as dynamic institutions: Teaching a critical lens in social foundations" at this year's History of Education Society conference. He was also invited to deliver a talk, "Race, education, and the Mexican immigrant press in Chicago, 1915-1935" at Binghamton University. Additionally, Prof. Perez is now the chair of the Selected Studies program and a faculty affiliate of Women and Gender Studies at SU.

Prof. Steve Taylor secured a contract with John Wiley & Sons for the 4th edition of Introduction to qualitative research (co-authored with Marj DeVault and Bob Bogdan).

Prof. Elizabeth Payne and Phd candidate Melissa Smith, of the Queering Education Research Institute (QuERI) have two new publications: their article "LGBTQ kids, school safety, and the missing big picture: How the dominant bullying discourse prevents school professionals from thinking about systemic marginalization or... Why we need to re-think LGBTQ bullying" is in QED: A Journal of GLBTQ World Making," and they have an article in the Huffington Post, titled "Rethinking LGBTQ bullying."

CFE chair and prof. Barbara Applebaum has been invited by George Yancy to be on the advisory board for a book series on race and philosophy published by Lexington Press.

The New York Times published a story on Disability Studies that featured SU's program.

Summer 2013

PhD student Derek R. Ford published his article, "Toward a theory of the educational encounter: Gert Biesta's educational theory and the right to the city" in Critical Studies in Education.

Katherine Vroman and Steve Singer (PhD students) each presented papers at the annual Society for Disability Studies Conference in Orlando, FL. Steve's paper was titled, "Representation of Normative Societal Concepts in American Sign Language" and Katherine'swas titled, "Postcolonial Feminist Disability Studies: A Transformative Framework." Additionally,Katherine joined her co-research assistants Casey Reutemann, Eunyoung Jung, andFernanda Orsati from the Institute on Communication and Inclusion and presented selected findings from their study, "A World of Difference: Analyzing the Development of Independnece for Individuals with Disabilities who Type to Communicate."

Hayley Marama Cavino published a paper in the American Journal of Evaluation titled, "Across the Colonial Divide: Conversations About Evaluation in Indigenous Contexts." She also presented a paper, "Violence & Wahanu [extended family] restoration in Aotearoa: Exploring Matauranga [knowledge] -based approaches through Purakau [Indigenous narrative] at the He Manawa Whenua Indingenous Research Conference at the University of Waiko, Hamilton, New Zealand.

CFE student and Assistant Dean at Hobart College David Mapstone presented research at the National Symposium on Student Retention and coauthored a paper--"Retention Among Student Athletes: What we Know and What we Need to Know to Keep Them at our College"--in the peer-reviewed conference proceedings, "Proceedings of the 8th Annual National Symposium on Student Retention."

PhD candidate Sally Sayles-Hannon was part of a review symposium of Meira Levinson's book,No Citizen Left Behind, which was recently published in Studies in Philosophy and Education. Sally's contribution titled "Unknowingly Reifying the 'Ordinary'? Troubling Empowerment and Uncovering Whiteness" is available here.

MS student Alicia Hall had an article published in Syracuse Woman Magazine titled, "For a Good Cause: Shaping 'Cuse Sports Stars."

Spring 2013

CFE student Bobby Borrelle was awarded an Equal Justice Works Fellowship at the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund in Berkeley, CA.

Barbara Applebaum gave a talk at Hobart and William Smith in April titled, "Being White, Being Good, Being Vigilant." The talk was videotaped and is available here.

PhD student Blair Smith was hired as the new Director of CNY PAGE and received the Feinstone Grant for Multicultural Initiative with Dr. Marcelle Haddix.

Derek R. Ford won the Graduate School Master's prize for his Master's thesis "Continuing to Trouble Critical Pedagogy: Judith Butler and the Role of Subjectivity in the Critical Pedagogy Debates."

PhD candidate Sally Sayles-Hannon was a respondent to Meira Levinson's book No Citizen Left Behind at this year's Philosophy of Education Annual Meeting in Portland, OR.

CFE faculty member Sari Knopp Biklen had a busy year. She gave a paper titled, "Counter-Listening, Urban Schools and Educational Reform" at AERA; she gave a talk at Hamilton College titled, "Faculty, Difference and Democratic Practice"; she gave an invited lecture at Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat, Oman on "Qualitative Methods and Democratic Practice"; and she was awarded the Bread and Roses Award for Feminist Activism on Campus from the Department of Women and Gender Studies.

QuERI had a full panel at the American Educational Research Association 2013 conference.

Leah Flynn, Christina Lampert, and Rebecca Johnson successfully defended their dissertations this spring. Flynn's was titled, "The Other Side of Girls Gone Wild: The Emotional Labor of College Women's Sexual-Decision Making"; Lampert's was titled, "Whose Streets? Our Streets!: Identity, Institutions, and Privilege in Student Activism"; and Johnson's was titled, "De-segregation in a Color-Blind Era: Parent's Navigating School Assignment and Choice in Louisville, KY."

PhD candidate Ashley Taylor was selected to participate in the Spencer Foundation's Philosophy of Education Institute this summer in Chicago, IL.

Alicia Hall, Meredith Madden, and Christina Lampert presented at the New York State Foundations of Education Association conference this year. Alicia's paper was titled, "Changing the Face of Bullying," Meredith's was titled, "Critical Pedagogy, Curriculum, and Epistemic Dignity, and Christina's paper was titled, "Getting Schooled: The Extra Curricular Education of Student Activists"

Additionally, Meredith Madden and her students in her Intergroup Dialogue course, "Class matters" received a Chancellor's Award for Public Engagement and Scholarship with an honorable mention in Innovation in Academic Achievement.

PhD student Derek R. Ford published his article, "A Critical Pedagogy of Ineffability: Identity, Education and the Secret Life of Whatever" in Educational Philosophy and Theory in March. He also presented his project "This is not a bench and we are not people: Non-representational Photography as Queer Pedagogy" with co-author Sarah Pfohl (MFA student in Art Photography at SU) at "The Monstrous, Marginalized, and Other Transgressive Forms of Humanity" conference at SU.

Professor Barbara Applebaum presented two papers recently. The first, "Being White, Being Good, Being Vigilant" was presented at Westminster College in Salt Lake city, Utah, as part of the Diversity Lecture Series. Her second paper, "Ignorance as a Resource for Social Justice Education" was presented at the Philosophy of Education Society's Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon.

Several CFE students presented at this year's Equity and Social Justice Conference at SUNY New Paltz. Meredith Madden presented her paper, "Consciousness Raised! The Case For Intergroup Dialogue Pedagogy And The Development of Undergraduate Social-Class Consciousness"; Wendy Nastasi presented "Voices Spotlighting Justice: Youth Participatory Action through University-Urban High School Collaborations"; Jermaine Soto presented "The 'Other' Within: An Auto-Ethnography of Facilitating Intergroup Dialogue Course on Race/Ethnicity"; and Derek R. Ford presented "The Educational Encounter and the Right to the City: Education Against capitalism"

CFE was well represented at this year's Graduate Research Symposium: Investigating Inequalities, organized by the Sociology Graduate Student Assemblage at SU. Blair Ebony Smith presented her work, "B Girls in the Academy: Toward a Radically Queer Transnational Hip Hop Feminist Pedagogy," and Yvonne Perez presented her work, "Who Should Support Children’s Education? The Role of Teachers, Parents and Students as the Pillars of Education." Additionally, CFE professor Sari Biklen served as discussant on the panel "(Re)producing Inequality Through Institutions."

Doctoral candidate Hayley Marama Cavino was awarded a two-year He Kokonga Whare graduate scholarship from Te Ataawhai o Te Ao. The scholarship will support data collection and writing for herdissertation entitled 'Sexual Violence and Whanau Restoration: Exploring knowledge-based approaches through narrative'. Te Ataawhai o Te Ao is an Independent Maori Research Institute for Environment and Health based in Whanganui, Aotearoa/New Zealand. They work alongside whanau (family) and Maori (indigenous) communities to undertake research that will benefit Maori. Kokonga Whare is research project on Maori Intergenerational Trauma and Healing. Each of the six scholarship recipients are undertaking work aligned to this broader kaupapa (program).

PhD student Jennifer Hackett published an article, "IDEA and Neoliberal Individualization: At What Cost are Students with Disabilities Individualized?" in Educational Change.

Spring 2012

This year's Annual Conference on Equity and Social Justice at SUNY New Paltz saw two presentations from CFE-ers.Derek Ford presented his "Educating Ourselves as Others: Toward a Pedagogy of Dependency and Vulnerability" with co-author Michelle Kurta, of Pacifica Graduate Institute. Jermaine Soto presented his paper, "Understanding and Defining 'Community' in Urban Public School/Community Relationships: Engaging Multiple Perspectives from a Central New York Latino Community.

Derek Ford also presented a paper, "Subjects in Excess: Judith Butler and Revolutionary Parallelism" at the Gender Matters: Gendered Borders conference at Governor's State University in University Park, Illinois.

Fall 2011

Congratulations to CFE's Qing Li who successfully defended her dissertation entitled "Chinese American Women, Identity and Education: A Qualtative Study."

CFE's Michelle Maher co-organized the Growing Up Policed conference on December 1st. Michelle also presented a paper entitled "Institutional Conversations: Resisting the Criminalization of Youth, Sexuality, and Race."

Congratulations to Jagdish Chander who has successfully defended his dissertation! Dr. Chander's dissertation is entitled "Movement of the Organized Blind in India: From Passive Recipients of Services to Active Advocates of their Rights."

CFE grad students Derek Ford and Wendy Nastasi each had publications in 2011 Educational Change: The Journal of the New York State Foundations of Education Association. Check out Derek's, "Racing Class, or Classing Race? A Review of 'Critical Race Theory: A Marxist Response'" and Wendy's "Book Review: Epistemic Injustice: Power and the Ethics of Knowing."

CFE Emerita Professor Joan Burstyn has recently published, with Gershon Vincow, Searching for God: Study Partners Explore Contemporary Jewish Texts (iUniverse, 2011). Dr. Burstyn also serves as a member of the Advisory Board of Women Transcending Boundaries (WTB), whose 9/11 activities were reported in the New York Times and NPR.

Congratulations to Karen Stearns, CFE Ph.D alum, who was recently named Coordinator of Adolescence English Education at SUNY Cortland! Dr. Stearns was also awarded the New York Stat English Council Educator of the Year Award at the NYSEC conference in October, 2011.

On November 11-12, the Center on Human Policy, Law and Disability Studies celebrated its 40th Anniversary! The celebration was marked by a two-day conference highlighting the Center's many past and on-going contributions to the field of disability studies and inclusive education. Congratulations to all those who have been involved with the Center over the past 40 years.

The Beyond Compliance Coordinating Committee has won a 2011 Orange Circle Award! This University honor "recognizes altruistic members of the Syracuse University community who have done extraordinary things in the service of others." Congratulations to all BCCC Members, past and present!

CFE faculty Gretchen Lopez gave a talk entitled "Dialogue Matters: Listening to and Learning from College and High School Students" at Mount Holyoke College, MA. Dr. Lopez is currently on research leave as a Research Associate in Residence at the Five Colleges Women's Studies Research Center located at Mount Holyoke. She will return to us for the Spring 2012 semester!

This year's American Educational Studies Association Conference saw a number of presentations from CFE students and faculty. QuERI (The Queering Education Research Institute) presented a panel called "Teacher's Experiences of Gender and Queerness in School Spaces." The panel included papers by CFE doctoral student Melissa Smith and Dr. Elizabethe Payne. CFE Chair Dr. Barbara Applebaum gave a paper titled "On the Meaning and Necessity of Vigilance in Social Justice Education" and another titled " 'Yes, but...:' Intersectionality, Privilege, and Complicity."

CFE professor Elizabethe Payne gave a presentation at Cornell Law School on LGBTQ in-school harassment and the on-going legal and policy initiatives in New York State.

CFE's newest faculty member, Mario Perez, presented a paper at the History of Education Society's annual conference in Chicago. His paper was titled, "Aberrant Destinations: Immigration Policy and the Threat of Mexican Students during the Progressive Era.” Dr. Perez also chaired a session called, "Hegemonic Positioning Through Language, Segregation, and Exile."

CFE's Dené Granger has published "A tribute to my dyslexic body, as I travel in the form of a ghost" in Democratizing Pedagogy: The Challenge of Special Education.

Heidi Pitzer, doctoral candidate in CFE, presented a paper at "What and how do teachers learn from experience?" a research symposium at the University of Oxford, UK. Her paper is titled "The Authority of Experience, Teach for America, and Deficit Discourse."

Professor Beth Ferri's has been busy! Dr. Ferri's recent publications include "Disability Life Writing and the Politics of Knowing" Teachers College Record, 113(10). 2267–2282; "Broadening our horizons: Toward a plurality of methodologies in learning disabilities research." Learning Disability Quarterly, 35(1), 107-121 with D.J. Connor and D. Gallagher; "Dis/Ability." In N. Lesko & S. Talburt (Eds.). Youth Studies: Keywords and Movements. (pp.). New York: Routledge; and, with Jessica Bacon, "Beyond Inclusion: Disability Studies in Early Childhood Teacher Education." Promoting Social Justice For Young Children: Educating the Young Child. Dr. Ferri's forthcoming publications will appear in the International Journal of Inclusive Education and the Learning Disability Quarterly.

CFE's Michelle Maher, doctoral candidate, presented a resolution titled "Standards of Cultural Competency in the Juvenile Justice System for the Welfare of American Indian and Alaska Native Youth" at the 68th Annual Convention of the National Congress of American Indians in Portland Oregon.

Jeff Brune gave an invited talk, "Blind Like Me: John Howard Griffen, Disability, and the Fluidity of Identity in Modern America" at Shippensburg University in October. His talk, and a brown-bag discussion that he led called "What Every Historian Should Know about Disability History (and What They Lose by Ignoring the Field)" were part of Shippensburg University's efforts to incorporate more disability into their history courses. Dr. Brune is a 2011-2012 Fellow in the Center of Human Policy, Law, and Disability Studies here at Syracuse University and an Assistant Professor of History at Gallaudet University.

Congratulations to doctoral student Andrew Bennett on the publication of his " 'Freedom herself is very agile, very co-dependent, and a lovely person:' The School Identities of High School Aged Youth with Communication Differences" in the Disability Studies Quarterly 31, no. 4.

CFE's Derek Ford gave an invited presentation titled, "Potentialities of the (un)occupation: a historical-materialist analysis" at Brock University's recent event: Occupying Wall Street -- Anti-Capitalist Discontent in the Belly of the Beast?

Barbara Applebaum's recently published Being White, Being Good: White Complicity, White Moral Responsibility, and Social Justice Pedagogy has received an American Educational Studies Association 2011 Critics Choice Book Award. The award recognizes and promotes scholarship that is outstanding in its field.

Elizabethe Payne, faculty in CFE, and Melissa Smith, CFE doctoral student, have published "The Reduction of Stigma in Schools: A New Professional Development Model for Empowering Educators to Support LGBTQ Students" in the Journal of LGBT Youth.

Recent CFE graduate Dr. Paul Buckley has been appointed Assistant Dean of Students at Dartmouth College.