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To stop violence before it occurs, it is critical that you know what the early warning signs of violent behavior are. Read on to learn about behaviors that can signal potentially violent behaviors:
Social withdrawal
Excessive feelings of isolation and being alone
Being a victim of violence
Feelings of being persecuted
Low school interest and poor academic performance
Expression of violence in writings and drawings
Uncontrolled anger
Patterns of impulsive and chronic hitting, intimidating and bullying behaviors
History of discipline problems
History of violent and aggressive behavior
Intolerance for others and prejudicial attitudes
Use of drugs and alcohol
Affiliation with gangs
Inappropriate access to firearms
Serious threats of violence


If you are seeing the following behaviors in your students or clients, it is very likely that a violent incident occurring is only a matter of time.
Serious physical fighting with peers or family members
Severe destruction of property
Severe rage for minor reasons
Self-injurious behaviors or threats of suicide
Threats of lethal violence
A detailed plan to harm or kill others.
Possession and/or use of firearms and other weapons