Why is violence an issue that counselors need to be concerned with? Do you know how frequently violence occurs in our country? Are you aware of frequently violence occurs in schools? Do you know what constitutes violent behavior? Do you know how students feel about their personal safety? This kind of information will affect the content of the developmental curricula you develop and institute in your career as a counselor.
  • On a typical day in the United States, 6-7 children are killed. Most are inner city, minority youth.
  • Adolescents and young adults experience significantly higher rates of perpetration and victimization of violence than people in any other age bracket.
  • Handgun homicides committed by young males, ages 15-18, increased by more than 150% between 1980 and 1995.
  • Of those violent incidents occurring involving youth ages 10-17, 90% of those incidents are perpetrated by young males.
  • Since 1992, approximately 190 shooting deaths have occurred in American schools.
  • Though this represents only a small fraction of all youth killed with guns, it is evidence that youth violence in schools is a topic of concern.
  • The National Youth Risk Behavior Survey found that, of those students surveyed, 5% reported feeling too unsafe to attend school on at least one of the thirty days preceding the administration of the survey. In the state of Colorado, 4% of students reported feeing too unsafe to go to school.
  • Available evidence on juvenile sex offenders (JSOs) suggests that the majority of JSOs offend solely against other children, that the first offense typically occurs at age 13 or 14, and that most offenses by a JSO involve intense coercion manipulation rather than overt violent aggression.
  • Between 1992 and 1996, the number of female juveniles arrested for violent crimes such as murder robbery and aggravated assault increased by 25%. There were no increases in the arrest of males for the same offenses. Female juvenile arrests for property crimes such as burglary, auto theft and arson have increased 21%, while males arrests have declined by 4%.
  • Nearly three million index crimes occur on or around American school campuses each year. This breaks down to 16,000 crimes per school day, or 1 crime every 6 seconds when schools are in session.
  • Fear of violence in schools has been shown to negatively affect attendance rates of students and attrition rates of teachers and staff.
  • Every day, approximately 100,000 children are assaulted at school. Additionally, 5,000 teachers are threatened with physical assault and 200 are actually attacked.
  • Approximately one of every eight students has reported carrying some form of weapon to school.
  • Twenty percent of students have reported that threats involving a weapon and/or threats of assault in schools present a major problem for them. The most frequently reported forms of violence in schools involve pushing, shoving, and bullying.

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