You do not have to be blind sided by a violent incident in your school. There are risk factors that you can be aware of and be on the lookout for so that you are better able to recognize potentially violent situations and clients.

School Risk Factors

Previous possession of a weapon
Aggressiveness in primary grades, social isolation or hyperactivity
Fights or consistent misbehavior in class
Serious disciplinary problems
Past suspension or expulsion for aggressive behaviors
Anger, frustration, or violent expression in written work or art pieces
Consistent academic failure

Personal Risk Factors

History or tantrums
Past violent behavior
Consistent name-calling or cursing
Bullying or history of being bullied
History of violent threats
Cruelty to animals
Drub abuse
Past suicide attempts
Depressed and/or moody
Blames others for personal problems
Recent experiences of humiliation or rejection
Lack of peer group support
Involvement with cults or gangs
Too much free, unstructured time

Community Risk Factors

Extreme economic deprivation
Lack of community organization or involvement
Access to weapons

Family Risk Factors

History of family violence
Weapons possession or use by family
Drug or alcohol abuse in the family
Family conflict
History of child abuse
Severe or inconsistent punishment by parents or guardians
Lack of supervision and/or support