Time Management

While there are certainly additional professional self-care issues, time management is one that merits particular attention. As noted throughout this module, counselors in all settings deal with numerous responsibilities. Client contact, paperwork, accountability, managed care… these are all possible components of our work. As such, it becomes crucial that we find ways to manage our time in ways that allow us to complete all these various duties. Individuals who do not find ways to deal with the multiple expectations of their jobs in timely and efficient ways will quickly find themselves in very stressful situations with themselves, their supervisors, their clients, and those with whom they work. There are numerous ways to address time management difficulties. The first step, however, is to determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Is paperwork a challenge for you? Do you have a hard time keeping appointments? Arriving for meetings on time? Identifying weaknesses will provide you with a sense of where you need to begin. It is then important to begin taking steps to change. Networking with colleagues who seem to have a good grasp on time management issues might be a good initial strategy. There are numerous ways for people to organize their time. Investigating some of these techniques may be worthwhile. Trying things out to see what works best for you will also be important. The bottom line, though, is that it is crucial to develop time management strategies. Stress can definitely increase without them.