- For sectional tape script: Transcribe verbatim dialogue covering 5 consecutive minutes.
- Choose a section on which you want specific feedback.
- Follow the criteria for evaluation of counselor response (listed below). Use the split page format as shown.
- Begin tape scripts with a client response and end tape script with a client response.

VERBATIM DIALOGUE                                                                                 EVALUATION CRITERIA
1. What was your intent?
2. What happened?
3. Alternative response.
CL: I’ve been having a little trouble with
my new job. I’m not getting along
well with the people at work.
CO: You’re feeling some concern about
fitting in with people at work.
1. To show I care.
2. Good reflection of feeling, client continued on issue of
3. You are upset that you are not getting along with people at work.
CL: Yes, it does concern me. I was hoping to make
some friends, but the two girls in my office don’t
get along and I’m caught in the middle.

CO: Are there people at work that you do things with?
1. To gather info about getting along in setting, looking for positives.
2. Could have been stated better, led client off concern.
3. You feel distressed that you are pulled into their disagreements.
CL: Yes, there are some other people at work that I get
along really well with.

CO: You feel good about these relationships.
1. To reflect positively about client’s ability to have relationship with co-workers.
2. Client acknowledged relationships. Restated problem.
3. You’re pleased there are some people at work you enjoy.
CL: Yes, I do feel good about that. The problem is
that the two girl’s in my office don’t like each other
and they want me to take sides.