Professional Disclosure Statement - EXAMPLE

Approved Clinical Supervisor

Janna L. Scarborough, Ph.D., NCC, ACS
Assistant Professor
Syracuse University
Janna L. Scarborough is an assistant professor in the Counseling and Human Services Department at Syracuse University. She received her Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Virginia. She holds the M.A.Ed. in School Counseling from Western Carolina University. Dr. Scarborough is a National Certified Counselor and Approved Clinical Supervisor. She is a member of the American Counseling Association as well as the national and state divisions of school counseling and counselor education and supervision.
Dr. Scarborough has training and experience in individual, group, and school counseling. This training and experience includes clients in age ranges from kindergarten to adulthood primarily with normal situational and developmental issues. Janna can provide supervision in these general areas. She has worked in school settings for five years and university based counseling centers for approximately two years.
Dr. Scarborough’s training in supervision includes coursework and supervised supervision in her doctoral program as well as supervision presentations at the national, regional, and local levels. Janna has experience providing individual supervision of practicing school counselors. In addition, she has experience in individual and group supervision of counselors-in-training working with legitimate clients in school and higher education settings.
Dr. Scarborough approaches supervision from a collaborative framework. The general areas that receive attention in supervision include the supervisee’s professional behaviors, counseling skills, personal awareness, and client/case conceptualization. Supervisory roles assumed by Dr. Scarborough include teacher, evaluator, consultant, and counselor. Janna follows a developmental approach to supervision primarily using the teacher role with novice supervisees and consultation with more experienced supervisees. Audio and videotapes, live observation, and case report are all utilized in the supervision process. Janna considers intentionality to be paramount in work as a counselor. As such, she works with supervisees to become aware of the thoughts and feelings that occur with respect to the counseling relationship and process. Facilitating this awareness, including attention to the motivation behind interventions, is an important aspect of her work.
Dr. Scarborough addresses the issue of evaluation as a fundamental component of supervision. She believes that evaluation is an ongoing process that is linked to care for the client, as well as the goals of the supervisee. All evaluation criteria are introduced at the beginning of the supervisory relationship, serve as training objectives, and are used throughout the process as a basis for ongoing feedback. While evaluation and feedback is embedded in the process, periodic attention, including written feedback, addressing the supervisee’s progress is important. In the academic setting, this occurs at the mid-point and end of the semester. Supervisees are asked to provide their own self-evaluation as well. Supervisees are also asked to evaluate Dr. Scarborough as well as the supervision process.
Dr. Scarborough is aware of the responsibility she has to the supervisee and the clients in the supervisee’s care. The general limits of confidentiality and privileged communication are when harm to self or others is clear and imminent, when child abuse, elderly abuse or abuse of persons with disabilities is suspected, or if court proceedings compel the supervisor to testify. Within the academic setting, confidentiality is not withheld if there is compelling evidence that the supervisee is impaired or unable to provide competent counseling services. In such instances, other faculty members are informed and the procedures established by the program are initiated. Dr. Scarborough carries liability insurance and encourages her supervisees to carry insurance as well.
Dr. Scarborough understands the value and importance of maintaining and enhancing professional skills. Therefore, she will periodically participate in supervision of her supervision. Dr. Scarborough will inform supervisees through informed consent as to the purpose of her own supervision and that their actions may be discussed with the supervisor.
No fees are charged to any supervisee if supervision occurs within the academic setting and as part of the supervisee’s training. For other supervisees, fees charged reflect the community standard and the supervisee’s ability to pay.
Supervisees are provided with Dr. Scarborough’s office address, email address, and office and home phone numbers. Supervisees are asked to call Dr. Scarborough at home if an emergency occurs after hours. Dr. Scarborough also provides each supervisee with the names and phone numbers of agencies that respond to crisis situations.
Dr. Scarborough follows the NBCC Code of Ethics and the Standards for the Ethical Practice of Clinical Supervision and provides a copy to all supervisees.

December 14, 2002

Janna L. Scarborough, Ph.D., NCC, ACS