Case Conference Example


1. Student will type written portion of case presentation for each class member and the instructor. This will be read prior to verbal presentation as it gives a context for the case conference.

2. Verbally describe the content, events, and processes that are most salient for you at the time of the presentation. Keep this brief and focused. Describe the relationship you have developed with the client. Describe the sessions you have had thus far with the client (general topic, interventions, tone, etc.)

3. Focus on the particular session/issue you are presenting. Describe the content, events, and processes that occurred in the session (give context for the taped portion). Indicate what we should be listening for.

4. Play the tape.

5. Describe your explanation/interpretation for the content, events, or processes.

6. Describe the feelings you were experiencing toward the client in the session. How do these feelings compare with your feelings toward the client in general? What thoughts/fantasies are you aware that you were having about the client during the session?

7. What feelings or thoughts do you think the client was having about you?

8. State the specific feedback that you particularly want from the group.


1. Note what the counselor did. What did you like? What were the client’s reactions to the counselor? What feelings did you have when listening to the counselor? What would have added to the session? What could have been done a different way? Was anything unhelpful? WHY?

2. Note what the client did. What were the client’s concerns? What feelings did you have when listening to the client? What themes were evident? Were you confused by the client at all? Did the client’s input make things clearer?

3. Note what the session accomplished. What would be the major accomplishment of the section you heard? Given what you know of the client, were appropriate process or outcome goals accomplished?

4. If this was your client, what would be reasonable and productive goals for the next session? How would you accomplish these goals?