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Department News

Doctoral & Master's Student Publications & Presentations - 2017

Our Doctoral Students have been hard at work, here are some of the recent presentations and publication from our future Counselor Educators.


  • Luke, M., Goodrich, K. M, Castillo, J., & Miller, A. (2017). Gender studies in K-12 education. (pp. 761-764).  In K. Nadal (Ed.). The SAGE encyclopedia of psychology and gender. New York, NY: Sage

  • Goodrich, K. M., Luke, M., & Kassirer, S. J. (2017). Heteronormativity.  In K. Nadal (Ed.). The SAGE encyclopedia of psychology and gender. (pp. 841-844). New York, NY: Sage

  • Luke, M., Hancioglu, S., & Goodrich, K. M. (2017). Take back the night. In K. Nadal (Ed.). The SAGE encyclopedia of psychology and gender. (pp. 1657-1658). New York, NY: Sage

  •  Luke, M., Levine, C., & Goodrich, K. M. (2017). Bi-Gender. In K. Nadal (Ed.). The SAGE encyclopedia of psychology and gender. (pp. 147-149). New York, NY: Sage

  • Duffy, J. T., Saltis, M. S, Thompson, L. K., & Kassirer, S. K.  (2017). A story does exist:  A    qualitative exploration of the use of reflexive stories in pre-practicum. Journal of        Creativity in Mental Health, 12 (1), 1-15. doi.org/10.1080/15401383.2016.1262303
  • Peters, H. C. (2017). Multicultural complexity: An intersectional lens for clinical Supervision. International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling, 39(2), 177-187. DOI:10.1007/s10447-017-9290-2


  • Buser, T. J, Buser, J. K., Gelin, S., Wong, J. (March, 2017). “Addictive Features of Nonsuicidal        Self-Injury: Risk for Unintentionally Severe Harm”. Poster presented at the American Counseling Association, San Francisco, CA.
  • Cavanaugh, K.M. (June, 2017) Humanistic Approach to Counseling Transgender Individuals: A Case Example. Association for Humanistic Counseling, Syracuse, NY.
  • Cavanaugh, K. M.(2017) Cyberbullying: Potential Trauma in Adolescent Female Development.   American Counseling Association’s Children and Adolescent Division, Arlington, VA.
  • Coogan, T. A., Kozak, K., Shea, M., & Fairley, J. (July, 2017). Infusing supervision training:  Supporting site supervisors and master's programs in school counseling. American      School Counselor Association, Denver, CO.
  • Darkis, J., Grecco, E. (2017, June). How horses make us human: Exploring the human-horse connection through equine-assisted psychotherapy. Education session conducted at the Association for Humanistic Counseling Annual Conference, Syracuse, NY.
  • Darkis, J.(2017, July). Equine assisted therapy with child clients who have experienced trauma. Poster session presented at the Association for Child and Adolescent Counseling Inaugural Conference, Arlington, VA.
  • Friedman, E. N. & Lugo, M. (October, 2017) Qualitative analysis of adjunct teachers’        experiences with gatekeeping in counseling programs. Association of Counselor        Education and Supervision. Chicago, IL.
  • Friedman, E. N. & Marfilius, K. (June, 2017) Utilizing an Existential paradigm with military   service members and veterans. Association for Humanistic Counseling. Syracuse, NY.
  • Gelin, S. (June, 2017). ““Black, African-American, What’s The Difference?”: An Exploration  About Self-Identity and Afro-Caribbean College Students”. Education Session at  Association for Humanistic Counseling, Syracuse, NY.
  • Kozak, K., & Peters, H. C. (March 2017). Advocacy and leadership: A comprehensive developmental school counseling program. American Counseling Association. San Francisco, California.
  • Lee, A. (October 2017). Clinical Training Experiences of International Counseling Students. Association for Counselor Education and Supervision National Conference. Chicago, IL.
  • Peters, H. C., & Rivas, M. (June 2017). Self Model of Humanistic supervision: A proposed model. Association for Humanistic Counseling. Syracuse, New York.  
  • Rivas, M., Peters, H. C., &Lee, A. (June 2017). Humanism and the global south: Expanding the multicultural discourse. Association for Humanistic Counseling. Syracuse, New York.  
  • Su, Y., & Peters, H. C. (March 2017). The journeys to becoming a leader: Guide for graduate students. American Counseling Association. San Francisco, California.
  • Zhu, P. (March, 2017). The pervasive shame in complex trauma: An ecological view.         International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation Annual Conference.        Washington, D.C.
  • Zhu, P. (March, 2017). Addressing the pervasive shame in complex trauma. International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation Annual Conference. Washington, D.C.
  • Zhu, P. (June, 2017). The pervasive shame in complex trauma: An ecological view. Society for Psychotherapy Research Annual International Conference. Toronto, Canada.
  • Zhu, P., Craigen, L. & Navalta, C. (Accepted, Oct., 2017). Infusing trauma-informed pedagogies    into counselor training. Association of Counselor Educators and Supervisors. Chicago, IL.
  • Zhu, P. & Luke, M. (Accepted, Oct., 2017). Teaching Constructivism or Constructivist teaching?  Lesson learned in counseling theories pedagogy. Association of Counselor Educators and Supervisors. Chicago, IL.

Congratulations to Jessie Darkis in Recognition of Being Named a 2017 CRIGS Fellow

Jessie Darkis

Jessie Darkis, a first-year doctoral student in our Counseling and Counselor Education doctoral program. Jessie was recently named a 2017 Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) fellow through their Research Initiative for Graduate Students (CRIGS) program.

The highly competitive CRIGS program offers two current CACREP graduate students the opportunity to become a CRIGS Research Fellow for a one year term during which they will develop collaborative projects with one another, as well as with CACREP Staff, and engage in research endeavors that mirror and support CACREP’s vision, mission, and values. Research Fellows involved in the CRIGS program will have the unique opportunity to be involved in scholarly endeavors that align with the goals and objectives of the CACREP Research Agenda."

Department of Counseling and Human Services recognizes three 2017 Spector/Warren Fellows

CHS Spector Warren Fellows 2017

Congratulations to Katie Kozak, Erin Friedman, and Kellin Cavanaugh,  and  who are 2017 Spector/ Warren Fellows.  The Fellowship program began with an intensive six-day institute (January 7-13, 2017) at the  Holocaust Museum Houston in Houston, Texas.
It will continue during the spring  2017 semester with follow-up seminars at Syracuse University taught by an interdisciplinary group of Syracuse University      faculty including curriculum experts, experienced Holocaust educators, and content area specialists who will facilitate discussions on pedagogical approaches to this complex subject.

The Spector/Warren Fellowship seeks to enhance education, cultural production, and public memory about the incidence of genocide – past and present – through professional development for educators, arts and cultural events, and interdisciplinary symposia. The Spector/Warren Fellowship is sponsored by Helen and Andrew Spector and the Spector Family Foundation, and made possible by a gift from Holocaust survivor Naomi Warren and her family.

Dr. Melissa Luke and Dr. Kris Goodrich Recognized by the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision

Dr. Melissa Luke and Dr. Kris GoodrichDr. Melissa Luke received the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision’s Publication in Counselor Education and Supervision Award this fall. The award “honors a significant publishing effort by an ACES member focusing on the education and supervision of counselors within the last two years” (ACES Call for Award Nominations, 2016). Dr. Luke’s co-authored book entitled “Group Counseling with LGBTQI Persons” is the celebrated publication. Dr. Luke wrote the book with Dr. Kris Goodrich, an alumni of SU and a current faculty member at the University of New Mexico.

Students and Alumni Represented at the NYSSCA Conference 2016

Imani Lewars, Zesty Gabriel, Walter Benedict, and Jaime CastilloThe New York State School Counselor Association (NYSSCA)’s annual conference was convened on November 18 and 19, 2016, and both current master’s students and recent alumni were in attendance. Imani Lewars and Zesty Gabriel, two current school counseling master’s students, were joined by recent alumni Jaime Castillo (Assistant Professor at Alfred University) and Walter Benedict (School Counselor in Syracuse City School District), at the conference. Jaime and Walter presented on “Applying Strategies for Creating Inclusive Groups for Students with Disabilities in Schools.” Imani and Zesty engaged in professional development that will shape their trajectory to have a transformative impact on their future students and school communities

3 Doctoral Students Appointed to ASGW Committee

Allison Hrovat, Steve Kassirer, and Alan Miller were appointed student members of Association for Specialists in Group Work (ASGW) Research Committee. ASGW is one of 20 chartered divisions of the American Counseling Association (ACA). We are proud of Allison, Steve, and Alan because they have an opportunity to have a national impact on the profession.

CHS Attendance at NARACES 2014

Faculty, doctoral students, and master’s students attended the North Atlantic Region of ACES (NARACES) conference in Rhode Island in September 2014. Faculty and students presented 21 times at the conference on topics ranging from mindfulness, group supervision, spirituality, internalization, school counseling training, and sexuality in people with disabilities to research mentorship, racial trauma, resonant leadership, and professional identity. Syracuse University sponsored a social event for all conference attendees, and our faculty and students were well represented on the NARACES leadership. We are proud to be engaged in leadership, service, and scholarship at the regional level.

Alumni with Nicole Hill and Linwood Vereen at a dinner tableCurrent students and alumni at a receptionAlumni and students with Melissa Luke

Allison Hrovat Named NARACES 2014 Outstanding Graduate Student

Allison Horvat

Allison Hrovat, doctoral candidate, was honored as the regional Outstanding Graduate Student by the North Atlantic Region of the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (NARACES). Her accomplishments and contributions were recognized at the biennial conference held in Providence, Rhode Island. Allison was celebrated for her academic excellence, professional involvement in meaningful initiatives, demonstration of leadership, and scholarly contributions. During her time as a doctoral student at Syracuse, Allison has positively impacted her peers, master’s students, and the faculty. Students in her classes and supervisees consistently describe their work with Allison as “caring” and “transformative.” Congratulations Allison on an award well-deserved!

NARACES names "Outstanding Supervisor Award" after Professor Emeritus Janine M. Bernard

Janine Bernard

At the 2014 conference of the North Atlantic Region of the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (NARACES), the Executive Board of NARACES commemorated Dr. Janine M. Bernard's substantial impact on the field of clinical supervision by honoring her and naming their "Outstanding Supervisor Award" after her. As of 2014, all regional recipients of such award will be bestowed with the "Janine M. Bernard Outstanding Supervisor Award." Janine was recognized at the Awards Luncheon and received a standing ovation related to her legacy and impact. The hallmarks of the Janine M. Bernard Outstanding Supervisor Award include: modeling professional involvement, leadership, professional development and/or advocacy, demonstrating exceptional mentorship through consistent service as a supervisor, and evidencing professional involvement and leadership that has contributed to outstanding performance accomplishments by students under his/her supervision.

Jaime H. Castillo III receives NARACES Emerging Leader Award

In Providence, Rhode Island, Jaime H. Castillo III, third year doctoral student, was honored with the Emerging Leader Award from the North Atlantic Region of the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (NARACES). Emerging Leader Awards are bestowed on candidates who are highly professionally engaged, productive, and evidence significant promise for professional leadership. This professional development program was developed by the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision to encourage new professionals and doctoral students to become active in leadership and professional engagement. NARACES and the other regions adapted this program for members to include masters’ and doctoral students with new professionals. We are excited to have Jaime recognized in such a capacity.

2013 Recipients of the NBCC Professional Identity Award 

The National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) just announced that the CHS Department at Syracuse University was one of two recipients of the 2013 Professional Identity Award! This award is a national recognition that signifies the faculty's excellence in and commitment to promoting counselor professional identity. Fantastic News!

Spring 2014 Honors

  • Sarah Spiegelhoff received the 2014 Chi Sigma Iota Excellence in Counseling Research Grant to fund her dissertation;
  • Dr. Melissa Luke received the 2013 Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Research in Counseling and Supervision Award! Dr. Luke received this award alongside SU alum Dr. Kris Goodrich, and former SU faculty Dr. Janna Scarborough.
  • Dr. Melissa Luke received the Counselor Educator of the Year Award from the North Atlantic Regional Association for Counselor Education and Supervision!

Doctoral & Master's Student Publications & Presentations

Our Doctoral Students have been hard at work, here are some of the recent presentations and publications from our future Counselor Educators!


  • Goodrich, K., Hrovat, A., & Luke, M. (Accepted). Professional identity, practice and development of Kenyan teacher-counsellors: An ethnography Journal of Counselor Leadership & Advocacy.
  • Hrovat, A. M., & Luke, M. (Accepted). Weaving as a metaphor: The co-construction of a mentoring relationship. In The mentoring continuum from graduate school through tenure. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Graduate School Press.
  • Hrovat, A.M., Thompson, L.K., & Thaxton, S.L. (Accepted). Preparing counselors-in-training for multidisciplinary collaboration: Lessons learned from a pilot program.VISTAS 2013.
  • Luke, M., & Hrovat, A. M. (Accepted). Not just for playing charades: The role of non-verbal communication. In J. DeLucia-Waack, S. Korta, K. Maertin, E. Martin, L. Zawadzki, & F. Colvin (Eds.)School counselors share their favorite classroom guidance activities. Alexandria, VA:Association for Specialists in Group Work.
  • Kassirer, S. J., DeLaney, N.M, Glodstein, L. M., Taylor, M. E., Dobmeier, R. A., and Hernandez, T. J. (2013). Scope of practice impact on employability in New York State: Director and counselor views. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 35:4, 360-376


  • Bernard, J., Miller, A., & Liu, Y. (2013, October).Training clinical supervisors to conceptualize across dimensions. Association for Counselor Educators and Supervisors, Denver, CO.
  • Finnerty, S. (2013, October). Death of the VCR!?! How current technology can fill the gap. Training counselors to be in the classroom. Association for Counselor Educators and Supervisors, Denver, CO.
  • Hrovat, A.M., Snyder, S., & Thaxton, S. (2013, October). Affirming diversity of perspective and unity of purpose: Reflecting team supervision in action. Association for Counselor Educators and Supervisors, Denver, CO.
  • Hrovat, A.M., & Luke, M. (2013, October). Is the personal theoretical? Trainees’ experiences of learning counseling theory. Poster at the Association for Counselor Educators and Supervisors, Denver, CO.
  • Miller, A., Castillo, J., & Levine, C. (2013, October). Expanding the horizons of counselor education: Deconstruction as a multicultural approach to teaching theory. Poster at the Association for Counselor Educators and Supervisors, Denver, CO.
  • Levine, C. & Hrovat, A.M. (2013, July). Inviting the sacred: Exploring spirituality with LGBTQ Clients. American Mental Health Counselors Association, Washington D.C. .
  • Brown-Smythe, C. A. &Spiegelhoff, S. (2013, June). Spirituality: A transitional issue for college students. University and College Counseling Centers of New York, Hamilton, New York.
  • Liu, Y. (2013, June). Trauma focused supervision: A qualitative inquiry of novice counselors’ experiences.The 9th International Interdisciplinary Conference on Clinical Supervision, Garden City, NY.
  • McEachern, M.D., (2013, February). More than words: Advocating for LGBTQIQ youth. Poster at the Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues in Counseling of Alabama, Birmingham, AL.