Program Updates

Certificate in Designing Digital Instruction - 15 credits + portfolio

The Syracuse University, Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation program is excited to announce that it is now offering a NEW FULLY ONLINE Certificate of Advanced Study in Designing Digital Instruction. The demand for professionals who can work with and in digital environments is skyrocketing, yet there is a lack of qualified professionals prepared to effectively and creatively design digital instruction so that it engages students in deep learning. This phenomenon of emerging technologies to support learning is happening in every context of society including K-12, higher education, business and industry, not for profits, healthcare, government and military, white collar, blue collar, adults and children, formal and informal environment both domestically and internationally. The CAS in Designing Digital Instruction provides students with the opportunity to advance their competencies and practices in the areas of instructional design and learning with digital technologies. Students are taken through a unique process of being engaged themselves as the designer, instructor, and online learner to develop a full and rich perspective of how best to design digital instruction.

Fast Track to MS in IDD&E

The Syracuse University Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation program is now offering a new option for School of Education Selected Studies students interested in earning a Master of Science Degree! This option is designed for highly motivated and focused Selected Studies students who want to pursue a Master of Science Instructional Design, Development & Evaluation (IDD&E) upon completion of their undergraduate degree and get into the workforce quickly. Students work closely with their advisor to develop a plan of study that will allow them to complete a majority of their undergraduate degree courses prior to their senior year. This provides an opportunity to take graduate level courses in your senior year (at undergraduate tuition rates) and possibly graduate with a Master of Science degree in less than a year following your Bachelors.

There are many career opportunities open that are seeking the competencies that you will develop in IDD&E - including training developers, e-learning specialists, online learning developers, instructional designers...and they are in K-12, higher education, business and industry, government, military, non-profit, healthcare, and other exciting contexts. This degree prepares you to design, develop, and evaluate instruction for a range of audiences from young children to senior adult populations, and everyone in between.

Interested? Learn more about the IDD&E MS Program and the Selected Studies Fast Tracks.