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Rebecca Stein

Rebecca SteinSocial Studies Education
Hometown:  Rochester, NY

Why did you choose the School of Education at SU?
I chose the School of Education at SU because students here begin classroom experience in their very first year. That was really important to me; in order to be the best teacher possible, I felt that I had to have a lot of classroom experience. So far, that has definitely held true.

What has been the most valuable learning experience in your time here?

The most valuable learning experience during my time here has been my Candidacy student teaching placement at Henninger High School. I spent seven weeks teaching a group of high school seniors. I learned a lot about them, a lot about myself, and got to put into practice everything I had been learning about teaching since beginning at SU. Teaching at Henninger pulled everything together and I think has definitely prepared me for my upcoming full-time placement at Jamesville-DeWitt High School

What are your plans for when you leave SU?

When I leave SU I really hope to have a teaching job somewhere. If so, I will begin teaching and then begin grad school coursework in Special Education. If I do not have a job, I will begin grad school and complete the program hopefully in a year, by which point I really hope to have a job.

What is your favorite memory of your SU School of Education experience?

My favorite memory of my SU School of Education experience repeats itself every semester – I am always so excited on my first day of placement for the semester. It’s a great feeling to walk into a classroom and truly feel like that is where you are supposed to be.

Year of Graduation: 2011